You want to paint your home and are looking for the right House painter Sydney. Whether it is painting the exterior or interior, no amount of individual experience can replace the flawless results provided by experts. So, how do you hire the right painter for your home? Follow these 5 tips to simplify the process and ensure that you are getting the right professional service on board.

1. Meet Several Painters

You will certainly be searching online and visiting the websites of a number of Painters Sydney. Once you have shortlisted a few names, meet them directly. Don’t hire a painter unless you have met them in person.

Meet them to discuss different things including:

  • Terms of the job
  • Expectations
  • Budget
  • Delivery

Only when you find satisfactory answers to your questions and like the way they do business, you should proceed to hire a painter.

When looking for the best Painters Sydney near you, get references from friends and family. Also check online reviews to find contractors with excellent reviews and feedbacks. Get feedback from past clients to get a true picture instead of just falling for the biggest name.

Many times, a big company with decades of experience can do a worse job than a small family-owned painting company that focuses on providing customised service.

2. Be Clear on What You Want Done

In order to discuss your painting requirements with the Painters Sydney, you should clearly define what exactly you require.

  • Be specific about the work you want done
  • Point out the areas that need to be painted
  • Include the colours of your choice in the brief
  • Also mention when you want the painting work to be completed

This will not only define your scope of work to the painters, but it will also help you get comparative quotes from different painters for the same work.

In addition, this will also help avoid any misunderstanding.

3. Enquire about Surface Preparation

When discussing your requirements, ask them how they prepare each type of surface before painting. Check whether they address the following elements:

  • Surface preparation
  • Types and brands of undercoats
  • Type, colour, brand, and number of finish coats

Also ask the House painter Sydney about the steps they will take to protect your property. For example, the steps they will take to protect your furniture and fixtures when painting inside and the plants when working outside.

4. Discuss the Project Budget

You will have a fixed budget for your house’s painting job. Be clear about it with your painting contractor. Remember professional house painters aren’t cheap. They handle a complicated job that requires lots of precision, experienced, and expertise. Besides, they do a job for which you don’t have the time or skills.

Also ask them about any scope for unforeseen costs. The cost of the painting project can depend on many factors. For example, your specific location can affect labour rates. Choosing higher quality paint materials can cost more.

5. Look for Permits & Insurance

Always hire a House painter Sydney that is insured and has all the essential permit and credentials. You shouldn’t be afraid to ask them for documents proving the legitimacy of their business. Such credentials will protect your interests if you are not happy with the work or if there is an accident.

So, follow all these tips when looking for the best Painters Sydney for painting your house. You will certainly understand the importance of all this hard work when you look at the completed job.