Homes may be considered luxurious when there are special features in their interiors, with exceptional amenities and huge space. Luxury homes like these are constructed with high-end materials and finish, more often come with unique style and paint designs.


Most homeowners spend a lot of money, time and effort to achieve the dream house they always wanted. From the furniture, home appliance and decors up to the built-in lofts are carefully planned and decided upon.


Lavish interiors can be nicely executed through appropriate paint designs and homeowners need the assistance of the house painting contractors. With expertise in conceptualizing fresh and new ideas of different paint designs merely for luxury homes, quality results are expected to achieve.


Now, let’s get some paint design ideas for luxury homes from Sydney painters


  1. Simplicity is beauty, simplicity can be luxurious. A simple colour palette creates a sophisticated effect when using tonal whites, for instance, you don’t need to use many colours to make it luxurious. More often, a spacious living room with the use of few shades of white maybe looks fine and classy. Imagine how beautiful crisp white colour reflects light, brighter rooms are cooler and present modern feels, and indeed luxurious.


  1. Choosing the right colours, prioritize the preferred combination.

It is important to know what colours best suit the design of each room in your luxury home. You can’t change the paint colours frequently, as this may be costly and will require more time in repainting and redesigning your walls. It is best to check and take note of the following preferred luxurious paint colours, Deep Burgundy, Cavern Clay, Old Terracotta, Pastels, Gray and Purple. A combination of Gray and Black is one example of a sophisticated touch.


  1. Use the same paint colours and design on the walls to the ceilings.

For a more amazing and interesting effect, you may also use the paint colours and design on your walls to the ceiling of your room. This may also look luxurious especially for your bedroom where you can feel relax and peaceful at night. For the living room, it is recommended to use vibrant colours, for the more appealing and fascinating look to make them stay longer and let them come back again.


  1. Use exciting patterns to complement with walls colours and texture.

By using eye-catching patterns that will capture the interest of your guests in the living room, complement it with a texture like glossy or matte paint for more different effects. Or if you want something dramatic on the sophisticated look of your walls, you may also choose a metallic or wood finish.


  1. Get professional touch to come up with superior quality and results.

For superior quality and results of your luxury home, you should hire professionals to get this tedious and delicate house painting job for you. Best paint designs and colours to make your home lavish and luxurious can only be performed by well-experienced house painters in Sydney. 


The important thing to take note of is to keep every detail from the paint colours, designs, patterns and texture cohesive and consistent. Some homeowners tend to mix every idea and insight they have for their dream house, and often forget to be consistent in details.


Luxury homes are specifically designed with special details and exclusive features, that are well-thought of, the facilities and their functionality, enthralling wall designs and breathtaking overall look.

To guide you in every step and provide you with unlimited recommendations for your luxury home, Grab your phone and dial 1300 433 986 for a free consultation with the most reliable painting company in Sydney.