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Finding Great (and Budget-Friendly!) Hotels in Sydney

Finding Great (and Budget-Friendly!) Hotels in Sydney

Does finding a great hotel that matches your budget makes you hesitate for some well-deserved holiday?

The global financial crisis has been an endless topic on the planet and every nation is handling their battles courageously.

Recently, Australia has been barraged with bushfires along with some flooding, which are creating news headlines and stirring a range of varying economic figures.

With the basic necessities of our everyday living, as well as the mortgage repayments to add in the list of our financial concerns, these may possibly hinder any holiday/vacation plans.

It might onset guilt and self-restraint over allowing yourself for a bit of relaxation, delaying or purposely refusing to ever think about checking in at a hotel for a while.

But you don’t actually have to book a pricey room just to get a great holiday experience. Why not replace the expensive plans by checking-in at budget-friendly hotels in Sydney?

Best Affordable Hotels to Stay at Sydney

Expectations in budget hotels may include older styles of rooms, more stairs than convenient elevators and fewer amenities like gym or pools. But you’ll find the following with good quality and affordable hotels even in the most populous Sydney.

Here are some of our suggestions to get you started:

  1.   Kirketon Hotel Sydney

Just around the southern stretch of Darlinghurst road, you’ll find this budget hotel which offers a quaint experience.

Even though it may appear a little place compare to five-star hotels, it holds a unique charm of minimalist styling ranging from standard rooms up to larger executive-sized rooms.

Each room is air-conditioned, with 32-inch LCD TV and en suite bathrooms are included for every guest’s convenience.

The black velvet armchair, red carpet, and grey painted walls give the hotel glamour that will surely intrigue your interest.

You can enjoy excellent in-house dining and there’s also complimentary access to nearby gyms of Anytime Fitness.

Another pride of this hotel is the hidden pleasure of accessibility to Eau De Vie, a 1950s-style cocktail bar. It is just at the rear of the ground floor of the hotel so you can also enjoy the fun of Sydney’s nightlife!

  1.   The Collectionist

The cost of living in Sydney can potentially be on par (or may also exceed) that of London or New York.

However, you’ll discover that the city also offers cozy yet affordable such as this unique gem that’s different from the usual chains of hotels.

Featuring a tiny terrazzo-tiled lobby, you’ll love its’ distinct style. As a matter of fact, it is hailed as Sydney’s first custom design hotel and was even featured in Time Magazine’s World’s 100 Greatest Places.

One of their highlight services is that every guest gets to pick from individually-designed rooms that match their preferences.

Not a single room is similar as each boasts a specific theme. Staff members warmly welcome you and a personalized code is provided which grants access to your chosen/selected room.

One of the hotel’s amenities is a kitchenette graciously stocked with artisan tea, kombucha, and even locally brewed beers are available.

  1.   Springfield Lodge

If you want to experience an inner London vibe, then this is the one for you. Situated just a 240m-walk from the Kings Cross station, this inexpensive hotel offers a mix of convenience, style and as good budget option.

The standard rooms are on the small side but are fashionably clean and smartly furnished to provide comfort.

You may not find a minibar inside the rooms, but it still has all the essentials a guest might need; like a flat-screen TV, small en suite bathroom and drinks (coffee and tea).

There’s also a café inside the hotel, accentuated with a sunny terrace on the ground floor. You’ll love how the surrounding area offers a wide range of dining options.

There’s a multitude of conveniences such as fresh food supermarket, lively pubs, Asian fusion hotspots, and the fantastic Ibero-American restaurant “The Butler”; including other amazing dining restaurants along Victoria road. There’s even a rooftop cinema just around the corner!

  1.   The Capsule Hotel

Transforming a crumbling pub into an amazing futuristic place you can stay in, this inexpensive hotel offers a great adventure for your travel escapades.

Book one of the 70 capsules and experience a stylish and backpacker-like night! Located at the heart of CBD, the hotel is crafted to look like pods creatively designed to appear futuristic while taking reference from 1930s bank vaults.

As a matter of fact, it is considered as one of the grand heritage hotels in Australia and sits within the iconic Art Deco building.

Featuring a communal space, boutique-style accommodation paired up with friendly staff, you’ll surely love to stay more than a night.

Each capsule is air-conditioned, holds an in-capsule safety deposit box, USB plugs, adjustable lights, and has a secured locker.

Free Wifi is provided along with bed linens and towels. Laundry facilities are also available for a comfortable stay, though it may come for an additional charge.

It also features two bars: Bar Century located at the level one and Sports Bar on level two.

Just a stone throw away from the hotel are Sydney’s top attractions like the Hyde Park, Pitt Street Mall, World Square ICC Sydney Theater and Darling Harbour. Chinatown is just a 5-minute walk while the Sydney Airport is just 20-minutes away via train or car.

Tempting aren’t they? Depending on your budget, we know that any of the hotels we’ve recommended above will surely bring enough relaxation and joy to every Sydneysider who’s in for a great hotel vacation – without burning a hole in your wallet!

Also, it is a perfect opportunity to take inspiration from these hotels when you’re planning to give your house a “hotel-themed” look.

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