Trusted Sydney Painters. Always Check The Reviews.

When you are choosing a professional painter to work on your domestic or commercial property, the biggest question you should be asking yourself is, do you trust them?

When you employ Maz Nassimi and his team of Taubman Certified, Sydney based painters, you are employing a team that have proven beyond doubt that they can be […]

August 31st, 2018|Blog|

Sydney Painter: Professional Work for Professional Results.

Although many Australians believe in the DIY attitude when it comes to renovation, we believe – and will try our best to convince you – that when you are painting in Sydney the best strategy is to hire professionals who can get the job done right. Even though painting may be perceived as a simple […]

July 11th, 2018|Blog|


In the past 12 years Dupaint, a family run and operated team of Sydney Painters have gained a fantastic reputation for exceptional customer service and high quality workmanship with both commercial and domestic property owners throughout Sydney.

Maz Nassimi, the business owner, will sit down with each and every client to establish a clear understanding of […]

February 20th, 2018|Blog|

Introducing Anna

Meet Anna Barducci – our new colour consultant!

Through her business Brilliant Colours, Anna’s expertise in colour schemes adds further professionalism to the Dupaint team.

It can be really difficult to make a decision as to what colours you want to add to your home, however, we are making the job far more easier.

Professional Colour Consultant for […]

May 3rd, 2016|Blog|

DIY facts: why you should rely on professionals

If you are a fan of shows such as Selling Houses Australia then you have no doubt thought about entering the world of do-it-yourself. Programs such as that frequently show everyday Australians renovating their properties in a tightly squeezed one-hour timeslot. Of course what these places also fail to highlight is the fact that taking on a […]

March 5th, 2016|Blog|

The importance of preparation prior to doing a DIY paint job

Why is it important to know the application of previous paints on surfaces?
This is one of the biggest pitfalls when performing DIY painting jobs because the base of the paint (oil or water) will have an impact on what you apply afterwards.
Maz Nassimi, Founder and owner of DuPaint, says this is extremely important if you […]

December 24th, 2015|Blog|

Treating mould before it becomes a problem

Mould is one of the most underrated problems household owners face when it comes to maintaining their home. Traces of mould are a sure sign that you have some sort of water or moisture problem says Maz Nassimi, Founder and Owner of DuPaint.

One of the more common areas you are likely to find household mould, known […]

November 23rd, 2015|Blog|

DIY painting – things to consider before you start

There are many factors to consider before you take on a DIY painting project.

Painting is one of the finest things you can do when painting your home or commercial premises – if it is done right! If it is done wrong then the finish could look horrible, amateurish, very tacky and could ultimately ruin the look […]

November 10th, 2015|Blog|

DuPaint enters the blogging world: painting services in Sydney

Welcome to the first blog post for DuPaint!

This is a very exciting time for one of the leading painting companies in Sydney as we launch our news portal for existing and potential clients and hope you will join us on this wonderful journey as we venture throughout Sydney completing exciting projects.
The blog is intended to […]

October 3rd, 2015|Blog|