Going to a favourite place where you can enjoy your Latte while relaxing a bit of your time is something you want to do when you take your day off.


Aside from the best coffee or signature chocolate beverages and different kinds of pastries that customers can’t get enough of, who wouldn’t want to stay and spend a day in a very comfy and amazing place called a café.


Staying in a café is not cheap, coffee and other drinks and sandwiches or cakes are expensive, some say the products are overpriced, but people are still coming in and stay there for a longer time and consume more food and drinks instead. Opening a café is one of the preferred businesses if this is the case.


Some café enthusiasts love staying in a café because they are already exhausted with their working environment for the whole day. They need some alternative space with more or less will bring them positive vibes, which most cosy cafes have.


The next question is, how can you create a cozy cafe in the suburb of Sydney?


 Now, here are some features of a cozy café that may captivate your interest, according to some experts.


Basic Features of a Cozy Café 


  1. Quality of Coffee and other products 

Everyone loves coffee and one best place to get this is obviously in a café. Customers look for the distinct taste in a coffee, its quality in terms of taste and aroma. Coffee lovers are after the positive coffee experience when they tried something new, is the finish or after taste last longer? Or does it have a unique taste? How’s its mouthfeel? Other than that, what else a café can offer them. Sweet goodies match the signature coffee blend for sure.


  1. Great service 

Best service is always the key to make your customers come back again and again. And customers journey starts from door to table, ensuring all customers are accommodated warmly, treated fairly, and with care. Your café’s overall look is also one service you may present to the customers.




  1. Convenient Location 

Another way of making your café successful is to provide easy access or easy to find, meaning, it is located at a strategic place. Sometimes, high footfall traffic area is not always the preferred areas of many customers. Even in high-end communities where people are not high in density, cafes can also be found. Shops like this are targeting the nearby residents in these communities.


  1. The Ambience 

What makes a café truly inviting is its convincing concept, a great atmosphere is always the “come on thing”. People do not mind the overpriced coffee and still love going and staying in a café because of its ambiance. Music, whether jazz or bossa nova, unique décor or one-of-kind paint design from Sydney painters and the coffee aroma from your baristas, are those elements that will definitely contribute to the great ambience of your cafe.

The overall look of your café, which includes colours, is somehow will give coffee lovers a distinct feature and later provide an ultimate experience.



Make it Homey and Cozy


A traditional or classic paint design is still one of the top choices for cafés, especially if you want to make it personalised and have your customers relate easily with your store concept. Placing either old and classic furniture or a vintage couch can make the whole place feel homey and classic. Then create a rustic paint design interior to make it cozy.

Other paint designs you can work on are as follows,


* Modern style, a simple and yet sophisticated design with clean metal accents, clean and organized, cream or pure white or brown are best paint colours to use, and paint colours to use here are grey, black or dark brown.


* Industrial style, usually inspired from the warehouse look from the ceiling to the placement of lights and materials or furniture that are exposed (pipes, lights or beams)


* Mid-century, the emphasis for this style is on the function, uses ergonomic furniture, unique materials, and new technology of lighting, the most used colours are avocado green and smoky grey.


The coziness of your café may vary on how you want your customers to perceive and feel on the different styles when they are inside the store. The important thing that you should remember is that your concept should be clear and every detail you think and put in your café must complement each other, including the colour and paint design.


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