If you are a fan of shows such as Selling Houses Australia then you have no doubt thought about entering the world of do-it-yourself. Programs such as that frequently show everyday Australians renovating their properties in a tightly squeezed one-hour timeslot. Of course what these places also fail to highlight is the fact that taking on a DIY renovation is extremely difficult.

The cameras show how quickly, in most cases within three days, how an entire house can be given a complete makeover with new amenities such as a kitchen, bathroom and landscaping. And let’s not forgetting about painting!

What you don’t see on television, however, is how many resources these projects require to be on completion.

“People have to realise that taking on a renovation isn’t as easy as it looks on television,” Dupaint’s Maz Nassimi said.

“There are sometimes 20-30 people working on each property at any one time.

“When you have that sort of manpower and the resources at your disposal, then yes, you can complete a home in that amount of time.

“The problem with DIY though is that you will rarely be able to have that many tradesmen in your home at once.

“Chances are that the tradesmen that work on those television shows are contracted out exclusively to them, so they are ready to commence work straight away.”

Painting a house should be one of the tasks you don’t skimp out on. Your finishes are everything when it comes renovations from your windows, doors and taps to blinds and light fixtures. Your finishes also includes the painting.

A DIY paint job from someone that doesn’t have experience can really have a negative impact on your renovation.

“There are a lot of painting essentials that people don’t consider prior to taking it on themselves,” Nassimi explained.

“Again, using the television example, chances are you won’t have the manpower to finish the house in a few days so automatically the job will take longer than you anticipate.

“Then it’s things like the quality of the paint you are using, the brushes and the preparation work beforehand.

“Another thing to consider is if it’s a new wall or are you painting over existing?

“All these things plus having the benefit of an experience painter dictating the brush strokes will all add up to whether or not your paint finishes will be a success or failure.”

Dupaint often encounter projects where DIY hasn’t worked out and Nassimi explained that other than the reasons already mentioned in this article, two common factors were largely ignored.

“Unfortunately you cannot control the weather and that is a huge reason you will find that your DIY isn’t on schedule,” he said.

“If you are painting the outside of your house and it is raining then its common sense that you cannot continue until all surfaces are dry.”

“You would also consider weather patterns even if you are painting internal surfaces.”

“Temperatures that are too hot or extremely cold can greatly affect the drying time of the paint.”

“This then leads to questions as to when the perfect time is to apply another coat of paint.”

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