Many homeowners are trying hard in designing their homes to be as impressive as they can. They want each room or part of their house to be personalized and at the same time enticing and inviting for their family members and guests.
However, did you know that it is quite difficult to plan and conceptualize what paint colours would be suitable for each room of your house? The best colours you might think for your kitchen or living room would not be appropriate with the furniture or appliances you currently have. And are your resources enough for a little home revamp or make-over? Would you still achieve the superior results you expected?
These are just a few questions you might have in mind and are critical to preparing before starting your house painting project.

Let us take a glimpse at the important things that you need to consider before deciding the right paint colours for your home. Sydney house painters shortlisted these things for homeowners’ reference and review.

1. Know how you plan to use the space or room
It is vital to know first the purpose of your repaint or revamp of any part of your home, and use this as the basis in coming up on your paint colours options. For instance, you want to change the atmosphere of your living room, from the plain design of the dark blue wall to more radiant pastel colours, since you want to change the seriousness feel in your living room to be a happier and brighter one. Or your bathroom, if you intend to make it look spacious, you may use new shades of cool colours.
Organize your thoughts and come up with the purpose of each room you may include in your repaint for faster and easier paint colour selection.

2. Check the inventory of all fixed objects and existing materials each room consists
Before anything else, you need to take a look and list down all the permanent things you currently have inside your home including their colours, such as floor, appliance or furniture, cabinets, tables, beds or bed linen or curtains and couches.
This is to ensure that the chosen paint designs and colours can complement those colours of the flooring, curtains, furniture and appliance. Without this, you might end up in a chaotic place of mixed colours.

3. Avoid using the latest colours trend as your guide
Remember that it is not bad to follow or check the latest trends over social media but it would cost you a lot if you prefer to conduct repaint based on what is hot or new paint designs and colours every year. Keeping up-to-date paint colours while maintaining your house painting is good but not as much as following the trend each year. You may use the latest colours in some of the accessories in your home or your room instead, to still follow the trend but not spending so much.

4. Test colour palette before actual application to your walls
Another way of selecting the perfect colour or combination is to have the colours be tested on cardboard at first, you may bring it anywhere where you also want to check the paint colour in dark or light areas. By doing this, you may refrain from spending a lot especially if you and other family members cannot decide on which colour combination to use in your h

5. Get some sources of inspiration
There are so many things to review and use as sources of inspiration for your house painting project, it could be the following,
a. Nature – natural colours/ environment, one of the most favourite sources of inspiration now and then,
b. Art – start the colour combination complementing with a piece of artwork you may hang on your wall then follow the rest,
c. Classic homes in some suburbs in Sydney – you may also check out the best paint colours and designs in the different suburb houses and get more ideas,
d. Emotions – use the psychology of colours for each room, to convey a different message to family members, and your guests.

There you have it folks! With this checklist, you will surely be guided in finding the right colours for each room in your home. You can never go wrong when you get assistance from the house painting experts in Sydney.

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