Home Interior Painting Maintenance during Quarantine: A Guide

Home Interior Painting Maintenance during Quarantine: A Guide Taken from the Expert Sydney Painters!

Home Interior Painting Maintenance during Quarantine: A Guide Taken from the Expert Sydney

During the unprecedented crisis brought about by COVID-19, how are you dealing and coping? With the pandemic outbreak, the SA government implemented measures such as closing all borders to foreign tourists, social distancing, and shutting down most business operations – hence temporarily discouraging public’ and physical interaction.

Australia’s response, the same as the rest of the world, is the implementation of these preventative measures particularly encouraging every Sydney siders to stay at home so as to flatten the curve.

However, throughout the period of quarantine lock down, you don’t have to be bored and still be able to do something productive. Why not spend a significant amount of your time by assessing your home. Now is a great time to have home improvement projects which also includes house painting maintenance!

Lockdown Maintenance for Your Home

There are quite a few key points you should keep in mind when doing a house painting maintenance while we are experiencing the lockdown.  But you must also understand that there’s a difference considering the weather and the season. Here are some of the adjustments and easy-to-follow tips you can incorporate into your plans:

  • A good starting point would be about checking for cracks and peeling in your paint. Did you know that after the initial 12 months of living in your newly constructed and painted house, there’s a possibility that you need to reassess the paint job? Moisture, among other factors you should watch out for, can ruin your paint and warp your underlying drywall. So basically, the first step is to make sure you know the parts of the house that’s in need of attention.
  • To prevent future maintenance, using Primer can make the paint last longer and can help protect the wall too! If you’re going to use Latex paint, you might need to touch up the paint job as it typically expires after 2 to 5 years so you will most likely be battling fading paint. Generally, it lies in the quality of the paint so in case you are unsure of the paint you’re going to use, one of the basic solutions to avoid fading paint is by using shades or curtains to block the sunlight.
  • If you’re dealing with mold, the answer to your problem depends on the severity of the affected area. You can use a bleach solution if it’s just a small spot but for areas that are nine square feet, hiring professional Sydney painters is best recommended. Dupait can definitely help you with this! And if you also want to find out how you can remove stains from your wall, simply click here.
  • For extensive washing of any dirty walls, clean the stains right away to prevent from drying up; thus making it a bit harder to remove. A dry dust mop would be helpful to clean the stains off your painted walls and making use of the top-to-bottom strokes when cleaning.
  • Having a regularly scheduled cleaning day is an essential way to care and a lesser chance of damaging the paintwork.
  • There are color tricks you can try to give your home a cleaner vibe and even create visual adjustments you never thought can be possible. You have to think wisely and choose the right white, neutral tones and even lively color schemes (a great alternative from pure white)!

Sydney House Painting Color Recommendations for a Fresh (and Clean!) Home Interior

To spruce up your home interior design with a refreshing vibe, why not invest some of your time and attention in considering the following paint colors! Maintaining the clean look for your walls can be quite hard and we understand how this dilemma can be upsetting sometimes. That is why we would like to recommend the best paint color schemes we know you’ll surely love (and these choices are not limited to white and tan colors!)

Neutral Paint Colors

If you wish to make your home cleaner but don’t want to go with the usual route of choosing pure white, it is best to pick neutral paint colors. These color schemes work well as a complementary pair with almost any other color. Choices are:

  • Soft Gray – This brightens up the aura of your interior by pairing it with yellow paint color!
  • Earthy Gray – A deeper shade of gray that exudes a soothing and much comfy vibe so it is perfect for bedrooms! But be careful in using earth tones because there’s a tendency that the room may appear dingy. Just to be safe, you can use this type of color scheme for the accent wall.
  • Sage – If you are going for a monochromatic approach, this subtle color can also be soothing and perfectly matches with other shades in the color wheel. Did you know that you can try this scheme for your kitchen? Yes, you got that right and it can turn into a space of comfort! And for an extra tip, you can combine it with buttery yellow and you’ll surely be hype when you’re in the kitchen – ready for some cooking and baking action!

A Splash of Happy Colors

You might be surprised that some of the lively shades of color can also make your home look cleaner. Check out the following color schemes that offer a bright and contemporary aura to your space while maintaining an immaculate appearance for your interior:

  • Pink – Yes, believe it or not, this one is on the top of the choices! You can go with soft, muted pink or be a little bolder with a darker shade of pink.
  • Blue – Considered as one of the colors that gives a calming feeling, you can also play with the different shades of blue ranging from pale up to aqua to ensure that your space got the look that’s neat and tidy!

Whether you are originally a stay-at-home mom, or perhaps currently getting accustomed to working at home (transitioned from the traditional office setting), you can definitely care for your home painting interior with our color recommendations and painting maintenance tips!

However, do not forget that professional help can bring a huge difference in making them possible. So, DUPAINT is here to help you with any of your home improvement projects! Get in touch with our Sydney Painter Specialist today and experience a service with guaranteed expertise. Plus enjoy FREE quotation!

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