Painting different designs is not just as easy as you think, putting colours on your walls inside and outside your home are not enough to achieve the amazing results you expect. There are other important elements that you need to also consider and think about before coming up with amazing paint designs.

What are these elements? Imagine a paint design with a well-chosen colour combination but still look so dull, plain and flat, because there is something still missing, the texture and paint finish.

Let’s check how important the texture and the paint finish in a house painting design here in Sydney.

The Importance of Texture

The texture is one of the elements which describes the surface quality of painting work, it can be real or tactile, which means you may use your sense of touch to feel it whether it is rough or smooth. Or visually implied, this means how your eyes see the texture through a perceived sense of touch.

Texture plays an important role in the function of the space; roughness and smoothness have different effects on your walls and on the overall look of your room, in fact, it elevates any paint design.

Furthermore, texture makes any design stand-out or intimate or weightier. It also gives balance to every design or colour that you put together, with texture, you may make a certain colour pop or anything you want your guests to draw their attention and focus on.

The texture is also the answer to problems with the same shades colour and monochromatic scheme, contrast texture can be used to make the colour and design still in harmony. Texture creates accents.

Expert Sydney painters’ piece of advice is to just be mindful to use not more than two kinds of texture as your design since too much texture may mix up as well as your design and this tends your guests to also mix their focus.

Now, that we are done understanding the importance of having or adding texture in our house paint design, the next important thing to include in our checklist is the kind of paint finish.

Factors to consider in choosing a paint finish

 There are five (5) commonly used paint finishes in house painting, it depends on what results in your design you want to have, you may use Eggshell finish if you want to cover some stains, flaws on your walls, which makes it the most popular of paint finish. Also, this finish is some kind more radiant and durable than the next finish, Flat or Matte. This finish covers also some nail holes or other imperfections on your walls, and only require fewer coats, though this finish can easily be damaged through some cleaner treatments, this is advisable to use in low traffic areas like ceilings or high walls, where anyone cannot reach it or make it dirty or damage.

You may also use Satin finishes, on the other hand, for high traffic areas like kitchens and playrooms in the house. These can be clean easier, the reason why many homeowners prefer using this finish, this the most common interior paint finish.

For gloss paints, you may also use Semi or High-gloss paints. These are the most durable, washable and the shiniest of all paint finishes. Semi-gloss is mildew-resistant as well, the best option for kitchens and children’s rooms while high-gloss is advisable to use in outdoor areas or surfaces.

In choosing the right paint finish, there are some factors that every homeowner needs to consider. What finish will work best or what will not, different areas or rooms in your house.

You may need to check the quantity or volume of traffic who will pass or use the room/s or walls, and so the frequency of washing or cleaning should be taken into consideration. Durability is important in rooms or areas that are often busy and active. Using flat or eggshell is not advisable here, but more semi-gloss or satin is highly recommended.

On the other hand, if you happen to have walls with many surface imperfections or need to be hidden through paint finish, do not use gloss paint finishes but instead use a flat or matte finish to serve the purpose.

Lastly, you may need to check the paint sheen or polish, how this may reflect the amount of light in your room. If you want the finish to make your room brighter, use high or semi-gloss.

To give you complete details on the best texture and paint finish that will work best in your room or house, grab your phone and dial 1300 433 986 for a free consultation with the most reliable painting company in Sydney.