How to Remove Paint from Glass

Painting the house is a great way to refresh your home and make it look brand new again. In general, starting a painting project is a fun and great way to get in touch with your creative side. Although, the enjoyment won’t last long once you notice that you’ve accidentally painted over some glass areas, such as your windows or mirror of the vanity. Even with careful preparation, you’ll have the occasional drip-drop during a project, but removing paint from glass is a lot easier than you think. Do you have a piece of glass that has been painted on and you don’t know how to remove the paint? Don’t worry, because we are here to help! In this blog post, we will teach you how to remove paint from glass in the easiest way possible. At Dupaint, we’ve dealt with these types of issues time and time again. We understand the proper steps to take in order to effectively remove all the paint. Follow these simple steps and your glass will be good as new in no time!

Assess the Damage

First things first, we need to make sure of the extent of the damage. Are there massive globs of paint? Small specks and flickers? Has it fully dried, or is it still slightly moist in some areas? If it’s still wet, remove the paint immediately with a paper towel or soft cloth. If there are only small spots of paint on the glass, remove them too and do not allow time for it to dry. This is going to be way easier than if you let it sit for days and try to remove dried paint. Depending on all these factors, it will determine how easy or difficult the removal process will be. Ideally paint is best removed while it is still wet. But if the splatter is not discovered till after it has dried then here are a few reliable techniques for getting rid of the marks.

Things to Avoid

Try not to scrape too vigorously at the paint, as this can cause scratches and marks on your glass. Putting too much pressure is also another thing to avoid, as it can cause it to crack, or worse – shatter. It’s much more expensive trying to repair or replace damaged glass than it is to properly remove paint marks from it. It’s best to approach the situation with minimal harsh scraping, you’ll see how to do this properly in the steps we’ve laid out below.

Before You Begin

Establish a Work Area for Removing Paint from Glass. The glass surface you are working with is fragile and paint, especially wet paint can be unpredictable. It is always good to remove paint from the glass over newspaper or a paper towel as this will protect the glass in case it breaks. In general, you should clean up anything that is standing in your way so that you have everything ready to go.

Materials You Will Need

  • pot
  • vinegar
  • rag
  • gloves
  • stove/microwave
  • paint scraper
  • chemical solvents

Step 1

Fill up a pot with vinegar and bring it to a boil. Use protection for your hands, try not to burn yourself! Once the vinegar has come to the boiling point, dip a rag into it and use it to wipe away the paint spots on the glass. Vinegar is a nice and natural way to tackle the issue of paint splatters. The hot vinegar will help loosen the paint and often causes it to come right off in this first step. 

Step 2

If the first step didn’t help your issue, don’t stress. Sometimes vinegar and heat aren’t enough to remove a bigger amount or more stubborn paint. In the same pot of heated vinegar, add some dish soap and mix it around. Dip your cloth in another time and see if this time it is successful or not.

Step 3

Still no luck? That’s ok. Now what we’re going to want you to do is grab your sharp edge paint scraper and at a 45-degree angle, gently scrape at the paint. You should have a bit of success this time around since the solution we have created would have softened the paint. The degree to which you position the scraper is very important, if it’s not at a 45-degree angle, then you’re very likely to scratch and damage the glass. If the steps so far have successfully removed the paint from the glass, awesome! If not, read on to see what other options there are.

Step 4

Use a solution. Chemicals shouldn’t be your first option when cleaning paint, especially if you’re no professional. These chemical solvents can be dangerously harsh and can affect our bodies if we do not use them carefully. You can find a chemical paint solvent such as turpentine at your local hardware store, read the instructions on the packaging and follow it religiously, don’t wing it!

Don’t Know Where To Start?

If you’re feeling a little flustered on where to begin after reading this blog post, don’t stress. Just start with the first step and continue on with the rest until you reach some luck. Alternatively, you can contact us to have your paint removed from your glass in a safe, effective, and timely manner. We deal with all painting issues, big or small, and we remove paint from the glass with our professional equipment in no time! Removing paint from glass can be a daunting task, but with the right tools and techniques, it can be an easy process. If you’re not successful after trying the steps outlined in this blog post, don’t worry! Contact Dupaint today for professional assistance. We remove paint from glass quickly and easily using our specialized equipment.