Cleaning the Walls the Same Way Expert Sydney Painters Does!

When it comes to caring for your home, the same level of attention and treatment is needed for walls.

Not only you have to care for your furniture, flooring or making everything neat and tidy, but wall painting also deserves much love too.

If you’re having trouble with stubborn wall marks, the following tips can help you properly clean them off, regardless of where the nasty wall smudges originally came from. All you need is to keep on scrolling down!

Find the Right Cleaning Tools

It is important to know what kind of tools is best to use when faced with such a problem of cleaning your walls.

It is so much like gearing up with the perfect armor paired with the right weapon to battle out the grime, dirt, gunk, and stains off your wall.

Microfiber Cloth with “Water-and-Soap” Solution

This is the simplest method often used for removing stains.

It basically involves some warm water, soap or preferably a few drops of dishwashing liquid and a good microfiber cloth.

Rubbing the stain with a wrung-out cloth that has been saturated with the water-an-soap solution is considered to be the safest way to ensure your painting is not damage with all of the rubbings.

Plus the solution is guaranteed to be utmost gentle.

Cleaning Erasers

In case you’re dealing with a tougher stain, then the eraser tool will come in handy.  You can buy them at any online shop or grocery store in a sponge-like form.

It offers a stronger chance of removing stains when the water-and-soap solution has little effect.

But it is recommended to do a spot test first because it can be too efficient to the point of having the probability of creating certain damages on your wall painting and even on wooden surfaces.

Mastering the Best (And Most Ideal) Solution For Your Wall

You can’t simply cover up the nasty stains, grease or other streaks of toxins that are too stubborn for a standard soap and water solution.

Any inconspicuous area can be helpful when testing out the most ideal solution for cleaning your walls. A few of the recommended stain remover are listed below:

  • Baking Soda –adding ½ of baking soda to a gallon-sized bucket of water can be an instant spray solution against sticky and greasy spots on your wall.
  • Vinegar mixture – soaking a cloth in warm water combined with vinegar mixture can effectively scrub off any grime, stains and even mold buildup at your vinyl-coated wallpaper.
  • Toothpaste or Pencil Eraser – rubbing or dabbing some toothpaste and making use of pencil eraser (erasing in a circular motion) can erase the nasty crayon wall marks.
  • Rubbing Alcohol or Hairspray – Soaking a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol or hairspray can potentially eradicate marks caused by a permanent marker.
  • Shaving Cream and Nail Polish Remover – these two are best recommended if you wish to get rid of ballpoint ink stains off your wall.

Entrusting the Job for a Deeper Cleaning and Maintenance Service

A thorough wall-cleaning session can be daunting and most of the time you only need to ask for assistance from a pro.

Whether it is about tackling painted or unpainted walls, you can get your house looking like its’ former glory by entrusting a reliable exterior painting company Sydney.

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