Peeling paint takes away the appeal from any building. A beautiful property is turned into an old looking and dilapidated structure. If the paint from interior walls starts peeling, then it can lead to health issues. Particles of the paint can cause breathing issues and chips of the paint can land in the eyes and cause irritation.

Common reasons why paint peels off

Our experts at Dupaint say, paint peels off from the walls or ceiling when the adhesion between the paint and the surface reduces. Many factors cause this loss of adhesion; some common reasons are:

  • Exposure of the surface to water: When water penetrates the walls it detaches the paint layer from the surface which leads to bulging and cracking and finally peeling off the paint.
  • Lack of preparation of the surface before painting: If the surface is dirty then paint does not stick to the surface. Dirt, oil and grease prevent paint from adhering to the surface. Many times this is imperceptible to the naked eye and the surface hence looks clean and ready. Therefore, sanding and dusting off is a must before painting.
  • Use of different materials: Oil and water-based paints do not bond well. If these are applied together on a surface, then the paint peels off. Therefore, the same type of paint must be used in one layer.
  • Lack of information about the products: Having all information about the product like the brand, expiry date, etc. are very important. Like all chemical products, paints too have an expiry date. If the paint is used beyond its expiry date, flaking and peeling are bound to occur.

Fixing peeling paint

Fixing the peeling paint is possible and can be done simply by removing the coat and applying a new one in the correct manner. While redoing the coat all factors that lead to peeling must be kept in mind and avoided. The old coat can be removed using a scraper and the surface is then prepared for the new coat of paint. The right type of primer or undercoat must be applied. Multiple coats are usually needed to achieve the desired results. It is also important that you read all information about the product properly before it is applied to the surface.

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