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So you have a job that needs doing but don’t know where to start? Dupaint is the perfect place to kick things off as we are one of the premier painting companies in Sydney.

What We Do

Core Services

Our Sydney Painting Services include:

Other Sydney Painting Services include:

  • Oil based paint
  • Acrylic and Aquanamel paint
  • Interior and exterior (walls, doors, architraves, skirtings)
  • Wood treatment (decking, pergola, barbecue area, entertaining area)
  • Texture coating
  • Spraying (airless and HVLP spraying)
  • Mould removal
  • Handyman and maintenance
  • High pressure water cleaning

We are also specialised painters offering a wide range of painting services in Sydney. We can perform a number of modern, artistic and funky finishes:

  • Lime washes
  • Cement-based paint finish
  • Rag rolling + spraying
  • Marbling + graining
  • Suede + metallic effects
  • Wallpaper

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