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painters in Potts Point, NSW

Potts Point, NSW

Dupaint is your local painting contractor consisting of professional painters serving Potts Point and nearby areas. With 10+ years of expertise in residential and commercial painting, we have been providing quality service to our customers.

Our team of highly-trained painters has extensive experience in making your home, business or strata building come to life with paint!

  • Taubmans Certified
  • Dulux Certified
  • Haymes Paint Expert
  • Member of Master Painters Australia

Known as the best painting company, we have demonstrated high level of quality workmanship, industry knowledge and job reliability. Our approach is different for each job. We sit down and listen to our clients to understand their needs and expectations. If you are looking for painters in Sydney metropolitan area for your house or commercial building in Potts Point, look no further and contact us today.

Potts Point, New South Wales

Potts Point, NSW

Terraced Homes in Potts Point

If there’s a place that’s rich with character and distinct environment, it will be Potts Point.  There are places that find it somewhat difficult to fuse modern urban edginess while still being able to show respect for the quaint heritage, but it was never a problem for this suburb. As a matter of fact, Potts Point has it all!

With genuine regard for heritage styles of the place, you’ll find the area to be oozing with fashionably unpretentious lifestyle. All you need is a short walk to reach the city and get to enjoy a great number of retail outlets. There’s a café central and restaurants where you can take pleasure of spending a relaxing day out. The harbour is also a walking distance but at the same time, you don’t need to worry about finding a ride because the transportation is quite accessible and easy within the area.  That is why, you’ll notice how a good mix of people, from young, single executives up to the life-loving empty-nesters are captivated by the unbeatable energy and charm of this suburb.

If you’re tempted to have the same experience, then let us give you a sweet advice where it is best to create your very own residence at this chic pocket of Sydney. You’ll surely love to pick any of the following areas – the Rockwall, Crescent, Challis Avenue or perhaps St. Neot Avenue; and just like the locals you’ve be spellbound by the place!

Residential and Commercial Painting Services in Potts Point

The demand for painters in Potts Point, NSW is high. There are many luxury houses and commercial buildings in the suburb that are looking for painters and contractors.

Dupaint specialises in new painting for any residential and commercial projects in Potts Point. We also provide superior workmanship in decorating and painting maintenance.

Our services include the following:

  • oil-based paint
  • acrylic and aquanamel paint
  • texture coating
  • wood treatment
  • mould removal
  • interior painting
  • exterior painting (walls, doors, skirtings, architraves)
  • high pressure water cleaning
  • handyman maintenance

We also offer a range of modern, artistic finishes such as:

  • suede and metallic finishes
  • cement-based paint finish
  • rag rolling and spraying
  • wallpapers removal
  • floor painting

Call Dupaint for High Quality Painting

Choose a Potts Point painter that genuinely cares about your project. Whether you need an interior, exterior, kitchen, office, gym or commercial painting job, Dupaint is certainly the team that will look after you. Call 1300 433 986 or request estimate.