House Exterior Painting: Signs That It's Time To Repaint Your Home

Pro Sydney Painters’ Advice 101: Telltale Signs Your Home Needs Exterior Repainting

Is it time to repaint your home’s exterior? It is quite easy to get excited when it comes to planning for a remodeling project. However, you don’t simply take the paintbrush and get on with the job. Or before you dial the digits of your most trusted commercial painting services company Sydney, you got to be confident that it is indeed time to call. Did you know that you can save yourself from all the worry and untimely spending if you know the right signs to look at?

Exterior house paint plays a significant role in your house’ protection but other than that, it essentially provides aesthetics and personality for your beloved abode. And keeping your home to look at its’ best is never easy. If you are one of the people who are having the trouble of figuring out when to give your house a new coat of exterior paint, here are the top 6 telltale signs that will indicate that it’s time to repaint!

It’s Time To Repaint Your House

Fading and Outdated Colors

This is one of the easiest and most visible indicators that your house needs to undergo repainting. Basically, it refers to the loss of color wherein the exterior paint becomes less appealing. The paint looks outdated and loses sheen or gloss. If your house has not been painted recently, it is then time to update with new, brighter and trendier colors.

Exterior home painting tends to change over time (as a matter of fact, it seems to always change too fast!). By doing so, it will be a big help if you can keep up with the new trend to elevate not just the charm of your house but also its’ market value if you’re planning to sell it.

Bubbling, Chipped, Cracks, Peeling and Flaking

Look for any signs of wear on your exterior paint which commonly includes cracking, peeling, bubbling, flaking and chipped areas of paint. These indicators are primarily caused by poor weatherproofing. If you live in an area where it is frequently raining or often attacked by the heat of the sun, harsh winter, extreme humidity, and even salty ocean breeze, then your house’ exterior paint will most likely to age.

Rotted Wood, Damaged Stucco, Warping of Brick and Aluminum Siding

As a protective layer, paint seals the wood and other structural materials of your house. If you see signs of rotted wood, it requires a re-sealing of a fresh coat of paint. Professional painters often recommend occasional cleaning and repainting. For aluminum siding, a good quality job can last 10 years while for bricks it may last for about 15 years.

Hardened Caulking and Chalky Residue

You can simply touch the painting of your house and feel if your paint’s “shelf life” has already expired. If there’s chalky residue and the caulking is quite brittle or hard against your fingertips, then time to call for repainting and re-caulking.

Water Stains, and Dirty Patches

It is an urgent warning to call for professional exterior painting Sydney service if there are water stains and dirty patches on your exterior paint. Water or moisture tends to enter once there are peeled or chipped paint, therefore, creating patches and uneven coat. Dirt and toxins can also be embedded deeply which may be difficult to wash it out. So repainting is the only solution to make it look fresh and somewhat new again.

Personal Choice

There’s no actual timeline when it comes to changing your home’s exterior paint.  With various aspects involved, it can be confusing sometimes whether it is truly time for a new paint color. However, changing exterior paint of your home can be based on your preferences – whether you are in the mood of remodeling for this particular month.  So if you feel like it is time to change the color and give your home a different ambiance that offers a much more appealing visual, then don’t hesitate to call the painting experts.

Call Your Trusted Sydney Painters

If you’re looking for professional assistance with your home’s exterior repainting needs, then we got the right solution for you! Whether its’ for residential painting services Sydney or commercial painting projects, contact the experts from Dupaint, the #1 House Painting Services Sydney, today! Get to enjoy free estimate plus more general information on how to make everything bursting with life and color!

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