7 Paint Colors that Add Relaxing Vibe to your Home during COVID-19

Sydney Painters’ Expert Tips: 7 Paint Colors that Add Relaxing Vibe to your Home during COVID-19

Sydney Painters’ Expert Tips: 7 Paint Colors that Add Relaxing Vibe to your Home during COVID-19

Find out how you can make your home more relaxing and soothing even if we are experiencing the coronavirus outbreak.

Are you feeling anxious about what’s happening right now? The world is currently on the state of battling an invisible foe, the novel Coronavirus, or commonly called “COVID-19”. It is understandable to be concerned about the “new normal” that this pandemic has brought – wherein almost every aspect of our lifestyle is on hold. Everyone is encouraged to stay at home while finding effective ways to be sanely relaxed and safe against the threat of the virus.

Did you know that other than signing up for yoga classes online, binge-watching on Netflix, and reading a book or two, there is another thing you can do? Yes, you can extend your plans on how to tone down your worries by increasing the relaxing vibe around the house. Try one of the following stress-reducing paint colors (that’s also perfect for any home remodeling ideas!) to help you be calm amidst the current pandemic:

Relaxing Color Choices for Home Interior Painting

1. Blue

If there is a color that deserves to get the #1 spot of the list, it is definitely blue! Symbolizing the sky and heaven, it exudes calmness and coolness. The variants of blue that work best in providing a comforting vibe to your home are Sky Blue and Deep Blue. Yes, even deep blue paint color has a tranquil power, making your interior painting design “serene-like” as a peaceful sea.

2. Feminine Shades of Blush and Lilac

These two paint colors exude sophistication and relaxation. Painting your room with either blush or lilac can bring an element of serenity. Though there are vibrant variations for both of these shades, the soft pastels of pink and violet are definitely one of the recommended relaxing paint colors.

3. Classic White

Nothing beats the classic white if you want to have an immaculate and serene-looking home! But it can be quite tricky at times because a subtle difference in the shade can make or break the interior design you want.  If you go for a pale shade of white, it may appear dull exuding a downer vibe. You wouldn’t want to make it seem too clinical as well, so be careful in choosing the right shade of white.

The best way to ensure that you keep the vibe calming around the house, use warm and creamy versions of white paint color. Choosing “off-white” with a little tinge of pink can work too. Just make sure that you pair it with other neutral colors as accents to add a touch of liveliness.

4. Tan

Brown often represents earth, security, simplicity, and comfort. That is why using the color Tan (a lighter version of brown) can help you make the room feel more inviting. It gives off a sense of warmth and often considered as a great neutral color that can be paired with almost a variety of other paint colors.

5. Grey

Another paint color that might not be immediately picked as a relaxing hue, Grey can be quite a surprise for people. However, this color once you’ve found the right shade can bring tranquility to your interior house painting design. Just like the paint color Tan, it is another great neutral color and a classic color that presents elegance. It works well with most colors but once paired with another warm color, you can make any room inviting!

Try painting your walls with muted grey paired with green undertones and you can create a spa-like vibe for that specific space. Another option is the Mauve paint color that gives off a subtle sensation of gracefulness and tranquility.

6. Light Yellow

The yellow color is often associated with happiness, summer, and optimism. You might think that it isn’t one of the calming colors due to its’ vibrancy but lighter shades of yellow can definitely be soothing! It will stimulate a sense of warm feeling as if the room is filled with lovely rays of sunshine. It also sets a tone of happiness and gives off coziness.

7. Soft Green Vs Dark Green

Often associated with nature, the color green is the epitome of stress-relief as it brings balance and inner peace. Don’t you usually go to parks (where there’s a lot of green plants) to have a nice day out to relax? So it makes perfect sense that you’ll have a soothing feeling whenever you see green shades – as if relaxing among nature.

You can pick between the soft green or dark green color options. But the lighter shade of green offers a more chilled feeling. Teal is another paint color that can create a sense of relaxation in a room but still bring enough lively vibe without being too overbearing. Meanwhile dark green paint color works well for nature-themed interior designs.

Creating a Soothing Blend of Colors

Never be afraid when it comes to fashioning your home with color combinations. If you wish to have a safe haven wherein you can actually relax, it involves creating variations out of these calming shades. You can try pairing grey with a brighter tone of lilac or combine shades of pink with accents of tan. By blending these tones together you can beautifully paint a unique masterpiece accentuated with your chosen furniture. Just don’t forget to consider one of the general rules in house painting and that is making effective use of a great base for blending!

By simply using the right color paint, you can ensure the interior finish you wanted for your home.  Take some inspirations from these hues we’ve suggested and your anxiety levels would surely go down a notch. And to make sure that perfection is delivered, hiring professional Sydney painters is best recommended; which is why DUPAINT is here for you! We can also help you choose exterior paint colors that can aesthetically transform your house.

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