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Top 5 Important Things to Consider to have a Successful Exterior House Painting

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A regular exterior painting of a house has many benefits for all homeowners, it protects the walls and the whole house against the different kinds of weather, sturdy wind and hard-hitting sun’s ultraviolet rays. These are the factors that can somehow affect the condition or even damage the walls of the house exterior.

It is quite necessary to plan carefully before performing any house painting procedure specially exterior painting.

Let’s take a look at the Top 5 important things we need to consider to have an amazing exterior house painting.

  1. Take time to have a detailed preparation 

There is a lot of preparation that you need to do when planning a house painting project, such as, budget, weather, tools, materials, paint colours and design, as well as the wall surfaces.

The right weather has a major impact when planning an exterior house painting. Another important thing to prepare is surface preparation, many homeowners specially those conducting DIY (Do-it-yourself) house painting disregard this preparation, and they end up with many problems on the painting job results. Better prepare everything carefully before getting started.

  1. Use the appropriate materials and tools

For a house painting project, appropriate tools or equipment if any, and high-quality materials can make the painting job successful. If you are planning to conduct a painting job, you should be able to answer the question, “what are the materials and tools I need for my painting job? Do I have enough resources to get pressure washer, paint sprayer, drop cloths, paintbrush and cleaners, ladder, rollers and roller trays, wall cleaner, clear buckets for paints and painter’s tape? If you answered it, yes then you are ready!

  1. Plan your house painting during moderate weather 

For an exterior painting job, choosing the right weather is vital, not only to make the painting job easier for painters but also for the proper drying and absorption of paints to wall surfaces outside the house.

The best weather in Sydney for house painting comes in early summer and early fall since weather conditions are manageable, minimal rain is expected during this time.

  1. Apply only high-quality paint brands and primer appropriate for exterior painting

Many homeowners are mistakenly select and purchase cheaper paint brands and primers in the market because of lower cost, without knowing that they spend more and waste their money in getting some substandard paints for their painting project. Horrible results are expected of low-quality paints and primers in the end. Several problems may be encountered after using these low-quality brands in your house, such as fading, flaking and cracking of paints when exposed to too much sunlight.

  1. Hire a house painting professional to ensure proven techniques to implement

Now that everything is ready for the planned painting job but your time is way too short and your knowledge of house painting is limited, also exterior painting is quite difficult to execute, the best thing to do is to just let the exterior painting experts do the job for you.

Painting requires technical skills to be able to get fast and superb results instantly. Most people think that hiring professional painters cost them a lot, so they tend to do it on their own. Surprisingly, the time they consumed on planning, preparing all needed materials and tools and conceptualizing paint designs took them so much time, effort and money, with unsure results. So, what do you save from DIY then?

Don’t think twice, let the exterior House Painting Expert transform your house into a new look and well-protected from the harsh environment, grab your phone and dial 1300 433 986 for a free consultation with the most reliable painting company in Sydney!






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