In planning a paint job, we often consider the most important factor to get the best result, the weather. What particular season can give us the perfect weather in Sydney?

Is it summer? It may be too hot. Is it Winter or Spring? It may be too cold or rainy, the paint may not be dried well or it could be very difficult to painting contractor. Well, Autumn is the best time to plan a repaint.

Here are the Top 5 Reasons why Autumn is the best time for planning a painting project,

  1. Autumn can deliver the perfect temperature for interior and exterior painting.

We know for a fact that the weather is very important when it comes to painting; chemicals in paint usually have a better reaction to the perfect temperature, not so hot and not so cold. For exterior painting, the ideal temperature is between 50 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. A great result is expected when the paint dries evenly, which only happens during autumn. Also, getting interior painting is better at this time since it is easier to remove fumes through open windows, which you can hardly do during winter.

  1. Paint dries properly and bonds to the surface during this weather, with the right amount of moisture and humidity levels.

The result of the painting job is affected by humidity level and moisture content. It is during this season, the humidity level is lower and so the amount of moisture is less. At this condition, the paint dries properly and bonds to the surface naturally, either interior or exterior painting. Aside from that, humidity influences the longevity and application of the paint. With this humidity level, you are assured of a durable and better finish.

  1. During autumn, the chances of rain are lower.

During this season, it does not rain as frequently as other seasons in the whole year. Aside from the fact that rain may delay your painting project; paint is difficult to dry and bond to the surface when raining.

  1. Painting projects are cheaper during autumn.

Since most painting contractors prefer to take paint jobs during autumn, you may get a better deal with them. With this weather, their paint projects can be completed easily and quickly. Also, accidents rarely happen in the dry environment compared with cold weather. During this season also, the demand for paint projects is low, unlike summer which is considered a busy season for paint contractors and special prices can be given to customers at this time.

  1. Structural damage will be prevented when the paint is done during autumn.

It is easier to spot different signs of damages to your property during a painting project in this season. And as we all know damages such as peeled-off walls and mould marks can be fixed automatically to avoid more damage to your property.

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