In conducting a repaint or a revamp of your home, you want it to become personal and at the same time look really stunning for your guests.


But the next questions to think about are, how can you make your home stunning? Do you need to have high-end materials or amenities to make your home look luxurious? And do you need to spend a lot to achieve that?


Painting plays a major role in creating the overall look of your home, and a simple paint design can make it luxurious and elegant.


Now, let the Sydney house painters recommend the different luxury paint colours that you can use for your home.


  • The Classy White

Who can’t get away from using the different shades of white, whether Tonal or Crisps? White is definitely an all-time favourite of most homeowners when elegance is what they aspire to have in their homes. Aside from the freshness and cleanliness White provides to your home, this colour can make any small area bigger and spacious.


  • The Welcoming Green 

Green colour stimulates serenity and tranquillity, when combined with gold or white, it becomes a perfect colour for luxurious walls. Another perfect colour scheme would be lime greens, rich emeralds, muted green or blue-green paints and dark green.




  • The Peaceful Blue 

Any room can look majestic when shades of blue touch on its walls. Whether you make it light, deep shade, or dusty (combined with grey or black accents), all of them, may bring a timelessly contemporary ambience to your home. Dark blue is best to use for the bedroom, as this gives a soothing feeling and make it stunning and appealing.


  • The Dusky Orange 

A vibrant colour, orange that excites the senses, can be luxurious when combined with a bold accent of gold. Aside from the happiness orange brings to a room, muted or dusky orange creates an enticing vibe with elegance in your home.


  • The Perfect Colour Gray

Gray is a must colour for any interior painter since it is rich-toned, the designer may use it to bring luxury into a home. It could be light grey, as the perfect neutral that matches accent colours. While layering different tones may form a minimalistic feel in a room or home. It works best in your guest rooms that look elegantly, Soft greige (grey + beige combination) is also being used to create cosiness in any paint design.


  • The Deep Chocolate Brown

Many homeowners are afraid to use brown on their walls or room or combination because of thinking it could look dirty or make a room dim. But nowadays, interior designers and even house painters recommend deep chocolate brown to make a room look healthy and wealthy. When incorporating this colour with light fixtures in the living room, it can be luxurious instantly.


  • The Muted Yellow

The right shade of yellow may show up luxury elements of your room. By using the bold sunshine yellow, it could be an ideal way to neutralize the shade and be a more luxurious look.

Make it look luxurious without spending a lot 


With careful planning and comprehensive review of all possible paint colours and designs, you may come up with a home that looks expensive and elegant through the use of these luxury paint colours, change the light to blend with your design, and upgrade some furniture to make it stylish in a practical way.


To provide you with different options and recommendations, to achieve your ideal and luxurious home, Grab your phone and dial 1300 433 986 for a free consultation with the most reliable painting company in Sydney.