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What are the Latest Developments in House Painting Homeowners Should Know?

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Through the years, paints and house painting has evolved and developed continuously all over the world. Come to this period, we see and experience many innovations in the painting industry to improve the ways of working of the people in different places.

Did you know that painting was one of the earliest discoveries of the human way back 40,000 years ago?

Yes, from using rocks to put colours during Stone Age up to the acrylic paints invented during Industrial Revolution.

Painting industry trends show that most homeowners prefer to hire painting contractors for their planned painting project, whether interior or exterior house painting.

With this trend, homeowners are expecting to have quality results and hired contractors may use the latest technologies on their painting projects. And to ensure that, they should check on the newest developments from time to time.

Let us check the latest developments in house painting and see what can we possibly implement when we need one.

Did you know that there are paints that eliminate any kind of odour?

The odourless paints were one of the best innovations in the painting industry many years ago and now paints that can eliminate unpleasant smells like cigarette smoke, fishy smell or pets inside your home are also an option for some homeowners. These paints come with a special formula that absorbs harmful air pollutants such as smoke and makes the air clean. Everyone wants a clean smell and a fresh environment inside their homes. No need to use an air purifier in the living room and range hood in the kitchen when this special paint applied. This is indeed an amazing invention at this age!

Did you know that washable paints are now available in the market?

With your naughty kids at home, you are surely encountering some sort of doodles, colours and drawings all over your walls, after spending a lot in interior painting a few months ago.

Now, manufacturers already formulated emulsions with fine pigments and cross-linking polymers, the washable paints. This may maintain the coat on your walls looking new and fresh for years.

Did you know that there are paints also that kill germs and prevent the spread of the virus? 

During this pandemic time, homeowners get contractors to disinfect their homes regularly to ensure that viruses or any infections may not enter into their houses.

Now, a new advancement in painting technologies has arrived. Paint formulas with anti-fungal and anti-foaming properties that can help in reducing the spread of infections inside homes, specially if you have guests that are infected and you are not aware. This is the best option for health-conscious homeowners like you.

Did you know that there are eco-friendly paints? 

Many homeowners preferred paints that cannot harm the environment and their family members specially their children and pets, these are paints with low or no Volatile Organic Compounds or VOC. Now, quality of paint results can be achieved while keeping the environment safe, with the use of these eco-friendly paints. With this special formula, your house and your family are protected at the same time.

More Advancements in Painting Industry 

Painting Tools

The use of Airless Paint Sprayer has already become one of the most useful painting tools by painting contractors, with special capacity in reaching up to the wall edges and even paint all over the walls.

Other innovations are using handy auto-roller and multi-purpose mixer in painting jobs, these two painting tools can provide homeowners more savings in cost and time, and truly efficient in any house painting. 


The creation of Moisture Meter is another tool that checks the interior and exterior walls’

condition, this also gives an accurate recommendation to painters if waterproofing is needed already.

You may experience the use of the different latest painting tools and equipment in your house, just dial 1300 433 986 and consult with Sydney’s house painting company to help you out with your painting project!  









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