Love is in the air. For newly-wed couples, their bedroom is the most well-planned and well-designed part of their home. A bedroom in which they can spend time together to relax, feel the comfort of being home with his/her loved ones and share unforgettable moments.


After all, where could be the best place to unwind and release all the stress and fatigue from a whole’s day work other than the bedroom.


Moreover, it is where two souls would unite as one to procreate a new life. So, is the design and colour of the room can set the mood? Is it worth the money, time, and effort to build and set up the ultimate love nest? These questions among others will be discussed in the succeeding part of this article.


Having a beautiful bedroom full of expensive furniture or wardrobe is not enough to consider it romantic and cozy. Humans are naturally more inclined to respond and react to visual stimuli than to sensory ones. So, a room with the right colours and patterns would be so much inviting for two love birds to spend most of their time expressing and showing their love for each other. The colour of the floor, walls, ceiling and panels should be well-thought-out so that wherever their sight takes them, nothing can ruin the mood!


Now, let’s take a close look and check the top bedroom designs for couples this year from a house painting expert in Sydney.


  1. Fall in love with the calming colours and use natural materials 

Any shades and combine with the colour blue such as sea blue, blue-grey can bring such calmness and serenity to your bedroom. Pastel purple and dusty pink are other soothing colours to balance with the natural materials to use for your furniture like bed, lamp and side table.


  1. Create an artistic design with the personal touch 

If you happen to be inclined with arts, a personalised approach to your bedroom is nice to have. Be it dramatic or mysterious, the aesthetic design will always captivate your interest and this gives you more relaxation and comfort.



  1. Explore the beauty of minimal designs

Less is more. Make it simple and yet still modern, nowadays many homeowners preferred the minimalist design. These are organized couples who want an uncluttered bedroom and select only the functional items in the room.




  1. Stay classy with Vintage haven 

Who wouldn’t love the traditional and classic design in a bedroom? It is easier to decorate, just stuck an antique lampshade or vanity dresser, and use the traditional window cover or any wooden bed frame. Some colours best use are brown, beige and tan to blend with wooden designs.


  1. Get magical with silver dreams 

The silver colour suggests mystique and magic, brings warmth and tranquility. Use different textures to blend with the colour including the curtains and beddings. Make it magical through lighting which reflects the bedroom walls.



A couple’s bedroom can be considered a masterpiece of two lovers, and planning a design is quite an effort. Harmonizing the 2 different views and come up with 1 concept usually may take time and resources.


Having relevant advice from a professional’s point of view would be a must. Considering that a person would spend on average, at least 8 hours in the bedroom, it really makes sense that the couple’s bedroom must have the most well-planned design with colour that matches the taste of the lovebirds.



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