What is the Best Colour to Paint My Living Room?

What is the Best Colour to Paint My Living Room?

What is the Best Colour to Paint My Living Room?

We know that finding out what colour to go for can be difficult.

Colour is an integral part of how we feel whether that’s at home or in the workplace. It can influence our mood and emotions in a positive way, but it can also have the opposite effect if you make the wrong choice. And if you plan to sell your house, it’s crucial to choose a colour scheme which is in line with current trends and will make your property look its best.


Choose a Colour that you Like.

There’s nothing wrong with decorating your home with your preferred colour. All you have to do now is make sure you use your imagination while applying the colours. You can even utilise your children’s favourite colours if you employ the proper design to blend in with the overall colour scheme.


Use Suitable Undertones 

Your colour’s undertones might provide you an acceptable and much-needed hue. It aids in the enhancement of the paint’s overall appearance. A neutral, warm, or cold undertone can be used. As a result, the warmness or tranquilly of your hue can be determined by the type of undertone you select.


Allow It to Flow

The flow should be the first thing that comes to mind when choosing colours. If you’re utilising two or more colours, this is very important to consider, as colour flow is crucial for presenting your design concepts. The colours must complement each other as well as the existing design of the home.


Look for Inspiration in your Furniture

Do you have a favourite piece of furniture in your living room? Or perhaps a decorative item like a throw pillow, piece of art, or a lamp that you really love? Use those pieces as inspiration for your starting point! Pull three colours from your favourite items and take those to the paint store! Pull two or three paint strips for each of your chosen colours—that will give you a whole library of paint options to choose from.

From there, you can choose one as your all over wall colour and use the others for accent walls or other accents like furniture or trim. Voila! You have your perfect colour palette.


Use Colour to Reflect the Rooms Mood

Another option is to think about how you want people to feel in the place. If you’re painting a formal living room, for example, you’ll probably want a stronger hue that makes the area feel dynamic and energetic. (Purple, red, and orange are all stimulating colours that promote energetic discourse.) Look for a calming colour that provides the space a pleasant, relaxing vibe for a more casual environment or a family room. (Both green and blue are peaceful, tranquil tones that incorporate natural themes.)

A neutral colour scheme has been very popular for a while now, It means you can add pops of colour through accessories and soft furnishings to create a warm and welcoming home. Neutral colours have been popular for a while now, but it doesn’t mean dark colours are out. If you want to be ahead of the curve, think about dark colours.

The shade of white matters when it comes to decorating your home. White can give a small space an open, airy feel while tinting large rooms with warmth or coolness depending on what you pair it with.

You can still get away with more vibrant tones too. A combination of grey and yellow looks very on trend, along with white walls. If you want to give your room a vibrant look, opt for a bright shade of green.

Don’t rule out pattern either. If you’re going to use patterns on your furniture and accessories, keep them subtle.

Lighter shades create an illusion of space and reflect light more than darker colours, which has the opposite effect. You should always consider what the room is used for before going to town on colour. If you’re entertaining a lot, choose a colour that will make your living space appear larger, such as white or cream.

Before you start decorating, have a look through the latest magazines to get some inspiration for your living room colour scheme. This is where being part of interior design community really comes in handy. You can also ask for handy advice from your painter. The team at Dupaint can offer you really handy advice on choosing the right colours for your living room.

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