What Should I look for When hiring a Painting Contractor?


Painting the interior and exterior of your home or your business space is something you can lend to the professionals, so your busy time will not be spent so much and the best painting project results will be assured.

In Sydney, there are lots of painting contractors in the different suburbs offering low-priced painting services but using high-quality paint brands for residential and commercial spaces, such promises that are too good to be true. These are shonky contractors and painters who are using flowery words to market their services just to get more clients. And if you do have not enough budget or money for your planned repainting, you might be deceived and be one of their victims. So as not to compromise your money, time and effort in getting the wrong painting contractor, better listen up with the important things to consider in hiring the right painting contractor.


Here are the 5 important things to look at, check and inspect when you need a painting contractor,


  1. Expertise and Experience

Painting, whether residential or commercial painting, requires technical knowledge or know-how, let me emphasize to you that good results cannot be achieved in some DIY (Do-it-yourself) house painting jobs. Working out with various paint colours, texture and finish to come up with different options for clients to choose from. More often, customers are consulting with the painting contractors telling what they want for their homes or business space, then a painting contractor will be the one to visualise, put it in the plan and make that happen. It is not easy to do that if the painters are well-knowledge and skilled in doing so. And through solid experience, you can be assured of the painting contractor’s expertise. Remember, no contractor can stay in years in the painting industry if they are not capable and knowledgeable with their craft. More than 10 years in this business has a lot of things to say.



  1. Working Attitude

When you are trying to scout for the best painting contractor to handle your repainting project, make sure you won’t have a hard time giving instructions, sharing your thoughts and discussing what you see right or wrong on the project. They should be accommodating, willing to always assist you, open to all your concerns and queries, and more importantly, they can be trusted. Courteous and friendly painters to deal with is a plus to produce a perfect painting job.


  1. Online Reviews and Feedback from Customers 

Another important consideration in choosing a painting contractor is through checking them and their past work online. Nowadays, you can instantly check feedback and reviews of services, products and contractors online. Choose painting contractor with

5-Star rating in Google review, with many customers recommending the services.


  1. Credentials and affiliations

When hiring a painting contractor, always check all credentials or certifications, past work and organizations they are involved in. For painters in Sydney, they should be members of Master Painters in Australia, and with Taubman’s or Dulux or Hayme Paint certification, to ensure the superior quality of work and results.


  1. Complete and clear details of Cost Estimate

The most essential factor in getting a painting contractor is the completeness and clarity of the details of their cost estimates. These are a critical part of the transaction before dwelling into the project contract, scope and coverage of work should be detailed and clear for you and the painting contractor, also the timeline, products to use and the guarantees. If their insurance coverage is as well, make sure you check the policy and terms. For trusted painting contractors, these details are open for their clients and they even discuss these happily with them.



With these stated important things, surely, you may never go wrong in choosing and hiring the best painting contractor to handle your project. Follow what should be checked before hiring one.


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