Our kitchen is the busiest part of the rooms in our house, it is the most frequently visited room not only by our guests but also our family members. This is the place where everyone gathers and come together. Even your house is small, you can’t ignore and disregard to organize a nice, well-maintained and functional kitchen for you and your family, also for your guests.

And during this pandemic, the use of our kitchen becomes more vital than before, as we can’t go outside to dine in restaurants or food establishments for safety reasons.

The kitchen is in great demand so we need to make it work well for everyone while maintaining its beauty.

The Important Details of Kitchen Painting and their Preparation 

Updating the design of your kitchen is quite essential, specially if you want your guests to be impressed while making it so functional for all your family needs at this time.

Before coming up with a kitchen painting project, there are important details we may need to consider. Let us answer some frequently asked questions,

What is the specific purpose of each space in your kitchen to create the best paint design? 

Remember in your kitchen, different parts may need to construct such as the cooking area, food preparation area, storage area, clean-up area and dining area. No matter how small your kitchen is, it is better to have a clear partition of those areas according to your needs. Plan how to layout these areas in your kitchen to maximize the space and be able to use it wisely and comfortably.

  • What is the best paint finish for kitchen walls?

We all know that the kitchen and all its parts are often require frequent cleaning because we want to avoid those stains from cooking or frying/steaming on the walls. The kitchen area is expected to be always messy with food preparation and all, yet very hard to organize and clean. With this problem of many homeowners, it is advisable to make use of paint designs that possibly help in reducing such mess in the kitchen specially on the walls.

There were recommendations that Satin or Semi-gloss finish is the best paint finish for our kitchen walls since walls are easier to clean and can stand with such dirt and stains in the long run.

  • What is the most appropriate paint colours to use in the kitchen?

In choosing the right paint colours and designs, we should check if the colours may compliment your furniture or appliances’ colours as well. Many homeowners failed to harmonize the colours or design of their furniture with the painting design of the kitchen walls. For instance, the theme of the design is modern, so your furniture and kitchen cabinets should also be in modernized look, the appliance also needs to follow the modern theme as well, everything can be in silver or grey. The dining table can be with a glass-top cover. On the other hand, you could also use the traditional or classic theme as paint design, to show the timelessly elegant kitchen yours.

The Best Colours for Kitchen and their Psychological Effects 

 Colours come with different stimulating effects on people, the warmer colours are the frequently used paint colours in most kitchens in Sydney. White, red, grey, green, yellow and blue are some of the best colours in the kitchens, the shade of red is one of the warm colours which can encourage your guests to eat more, it can stimulate the appetite. Same way with yellow, since it brightens any space, it can also make small space bigger. Colour white also revitalize any room, it works well when your family members start their day in the kitchen, it gives them some fresh minds the whole day. When you opted to use the colour blue, any shades are best to combine with other paint colours.

And to help you create a visually-inspired living space designed to stand the test of time, better get the experts in kitchen painting in Sydney.  

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