Dupaint’s Special Paint Effect Service

Do you intend to renovate your home? Or maybe you’re just tired of the bland colors of standard paint? Dupaint has expanded its offerings to provide you with more possibilities. Special effect paints, in contrast to “inert” traditional paints, appear to be more “lively”: they are finishes that provide a visual effect. They are made up of extremely unique and uncommon components that define their qualities. These are high-tech, cutting-edge items with a wide range of uses. For the interior area, these unique effects create elegant textures with rich and strong colors. These are ideal for both the exterior and interior and have a high resistance to cracking, water seepage, and harsh weather. Keep reading to learn more about Dupaint’s special paint effect service.

Concrete Effects

Dupaint’s concrete effects are a collection of ornamental wall coverings that are meant to look and feel like actual metropolitan concrete. These unusual coatings create a cosmopolitan atmosphere in your decor by blending smooth and rough elements in contemporary and vintage colors. Each of these paints appropriately portrays the sorts of concrete present in the urban environment around Sydney.

Rust Effects

Dupaint has a simple and quick way to transform a variety of surfaces into an authentic rust appearance. The paint may be applied to a flat or rough surface and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The textured coating gives the item a much more visual effect and a pleasant feel. The ease with which this paint effect may be applied is its strength. As our painters add more layers, the color will shift from red-orange to rust, with darker regions.

Stucco Texture Paint

There are some things that should be written down in stone. Dupaint allows you to create marble and other stone-inspired finishes. We utilize specifically formulated paint that is simple to apply, allowing the tools to move easily and keep the tool’s pattern. Finishes ranging from eggshell to glossy are available.

Whiteboard Paint

Our rivals’ whiteboard coatings are inferior to our high-quality, long-lasting coatings. Dupaint’s whiteboard paint additionally allows for easy maintenance since it offers an easy-to-clean surface that doesn’t require superhuman power to scrape away dry-erase traces. It also has a low VOC (volatile organic compound) content, making it non-toxic even when in touch with human skin.

Chalk Paint

Chalk paint is perfect for individuals who wish to give their home a vintage feel. Are you prepared to give your cabinet, furniture, or bathroom vanity a fresh coat of chalk paint? Dupaint is here to help you. It has the ability to transform a room wardrobe into a focal point or provide an old-school feel to a dining room table. The nicest aspect is that you never have to bother about peeling existing layers of paint before painting any surface.

Metallic Paint Finish

Dupaint’s coatings have the appearance and behavior of metal. We can make almost any surface look like it’s made of metal. The surface will have a chilly feel to it and will seem and feel like metal.

Because our finishes are seamless, you can create metal designs that the original material won’t allow. The completed surface is made up of more than 95% metallic and can be either brightly smooth or substantially textured.


Limewash is a coating with a textured veneer created by the addition of sandstone aggregate. This finish has a powdery appearance and seems more like plaster than a thin paint in the can, however, the walls treated with it are nice and soft. It is now more famous than ever because of its romantic and fabled aura. Dupaint can apply limewash in your house or place of business.


Whitewashing is still a common option in contrast to traditional paint. Whitewash doesn’t crumble or chip, and it just takes minor upkeep to maintain its beauty. Whitewashing your masonry or brickwork will preserve it from both the elements and bugs. Whitewash could also be used on wooden walls and ceilings. Dupaint also provides this long-established service.

French Wash

The effect of delicate fragmented color is achieved using French Wash, a faint marble-like finish created generations ago by European artists. Dupaint’s expert painters can produce this exquisite, timeless ragged look. To make a wide range of painted effects, French Wash can be ripped, rag rolled, dragged, or sponged. Using water to clean up. Can be used on plasterboard, plaster, wood, stone, and recently painted surfaces that have been properly prepared.


Wallpapers bring a whole new dimension to your walls. Designer wallpaper, in particular, can do wonders to boost the aesthetic of space if you let it, ultimately enabling you to express yourself creatively. Your wallpaper will last a minimum of five to six years if properly put and maintained. It may be used on drywall, concrete, wood panelling, brickwork, new and old plasterboard, tile, and laminate, among other materials. Dupaint is bringing this additional service to give you more options.

Other Sydney Painting Services include:

  • Oil based paint
  • Acrylic and Aquanamel paint
  • Interior and exterior (walls, doors, architraves, skirtings)
  • Wood treatment (decking, pergola, barbecue area, entertaining area)
  • Texture coating
  • Spraying (airless and HVLP spraying)
  • Mould removal
  • Handyman and maintenance
  • High pressure water cleaning

We are also specialised painters offering a wide range of painting services in Sydney. We can perform a number of modern, artistic and funky finishes:

  • Lime washes
  • Cement-based paint finish
  • Rag rolling + spraying
  • Marbling + graining
  • Suede + metallic effects
  • Wallpaper