#1 Painter for House & Commercial Painting Services in Sydney

So you have a job that needs doing but don’t know where to start?
Dupaint is the perfect place to kick things off as we are one of the premier painting companies in Sydney.

Using a wide range of skills, products and services, Dupaint will ensure that your residential or commercial premises has the perfect finish that you can be proud of.

Our Sydney Painting Services include:

  • Oil based paint
  • Acrylic and Aquanamel paint
  • Interior and exterior (walls, doors, architraves, skirtings)
  • Wood treatment (decking, pergola, barbecue area, entertaining area)
  • Texture coating
  • Spraying (airless and HVLP spraying)
  • Mould removal
  • Handyman and maintenance
  • High pressure water cleaning
painting services

We are also specialised painters offering a wide range of painting services in Sydney. We can perform a number of modern, artistic and funky finishes:

  • Lime washes
  • Cement-based paint finish
  • Rag rolling + spraying
  • Marbling + graining
  • Suede + metallic effects
  • Wallpaper
house decorations


Each job is created differently so we approach it accordingly.

What may suit one client may not necessarily suit another. This is why we sit down with you to ensure the best possible finish for your job.

Oil, acrylic and aquanamel paints are used for a variety of different jobs and each serves a different purpose.

All acrylic and oil based primers, undercoats, sealers and top coats are applied to comply with Australian Standards.

Aquanamel paints


Whether you need the inside of your house painted or external painting done, Dupaint is one of Sydney’s leading painting companies that can handle any job.

Painting is one of the most underappreciated trades when you are undergoing a renovation or performing a new construction.

There is nothing worse than looking at a freshly painted wall or door having imperfections.

Maz and the Dupaint team ensure that each job is performed to the highest of standards. We take all care in painting interior and exterior walls, doors, architraves, skirting boards and much more.

interior painting services


Some people say that there is nothing better than looking at a freshly painted / stained decking or pergola.

Don’t take the risk of hiring someone that has little to no experience in this field. Dupaint can make your pergola, decking, barbecue + entertainment area come up looking to an absolute treat.

Using a wide range of new and old methods, we use high quality Scandinavian oils and/or stain / varnish to bring the very best out of your wooden finishes.

wood treatment


Dulux AcraTex delivers long-lasting protection to all masonry finishes. All our texture coat finishes are applied using a brush, trowel and roller.

texture coating