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There’s no doubt that a fresh coat of paint can brighten up any home or office. But when it comes to strata painting, the task is often much bigger than simply slapping on a new coat of paint. Strata painting projects involve complex planning and coordination, as well as strict adherence to OH&S regulations. In order to handle such a specialised project, you need a strata painting company that has the experience and expertise to get the job done right. Here at Dupiant, we have over 15 years of experience in delivering high-quality strata painting services to our clients. We offer comprehensive painting solutions that are tailored to specific requirements and are carried out to the highest standards.

Strata Painting is Unique

Strata painting is a process of painting that is typically used on buildings with more than one storey.

Rather than painting the building from the ground up, painters will begin at the top storey and work their way down. This type of painting is often used on tall buildings or on buildings with large eaves.

Strata painting differs from residential and commercial painting and requires different skill sets and equipment to complete the project. In order to complete the job safely and to the highest standards of quality, it requires a combination of solid experience, qualified personnel, and specialised equipment.

When done properly, strata painting can greatly improve the appearance of a building while also providing valuable protection.

Our Approach

Our years of experience in strata painting have given us the knowledge and expertise to handle the most complex of strata projects. Our approach has been designed to provide a thorough solution that leaves no stone uncovered.

Design A Tailored Strategy for Each Job
At Dupaint, we understand that each job is unique. That’s why we take a tailored approach to every project, ensuring that we deliver the best possible results. We start by conducting a thorough assessment of the work required. From there, we develop a customised plan of action that takes into account the specific needs of the job.

For example, in order to achieve the best aesthetics and durability, different surfaces require different applications of coatings, paints and resurfacing techniques, all of which need to be factored into a tailored plan.

Once we have determined the full scope of the job, we then execute the plan with precision and care, paying close attention to detail at every stage. The end result is a high-quality finish that meets the highest standards.

Provide Ongoing Protection

At Dupaint, we take great pride in delivering a high-quality paint job that will make your building look great, but we also understand the key to a lasting finish is in the preparation and ongoing care.

Our preparation routines make sure that mould, rust and holes are all treated to ensure longer-lasting results. We also offer a range of services designed to protect your building from further staining or decay. We can perform aftercare preservation, high-pressure washing, sandblasting and even retouch delicate murals and plasterwork.

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Why Us

Strata properties are valuable investments that need regular maintenance to keep them looking their best for years to come. Here at Dupaint, we’re committed to providing a professional service that more than meets your expectations.

To stand out from the rest, we’ve based our business on a number of key principles.


We take pride in being one of the most trusted and reliable painting companies in the area. Our painters are highly skilled and knowledgeable, with a reputation for quality workmanship. Over the last 15 years, we have successfully completed hundreds of strata painting jobs in all types of different environments.

We have previously worked on:

  • Residential Unit Complexes
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Townhouse Complexes
  • Strata Residential Properties
  • Warehouse Complexes
  • Clubhouses and other Common Areas

Certified Skilled Staff

We understand that painting the exterior of a high-rise building or other large structure can be a challenging and potentially dangerous task. That’s why our team consists only of certified painters and rope access technicians who have the training and experience to handle the job safely and effectively.

Specialised Equipment

We have specialised equipment to ensure we can carry out the job to the highest standard possible. From scaffold and elevated work platforms (EWP) to high-pressure washers and steam cleaners, we have the tools to tackle even the most challenging of jobs.

Fully Insured & Adherence to Regulations

At Dupaint, we take safety and compliance seriously. We’re fully insured and always adhere to all relevant regulations. We also have extensive experience working with strata councils, so we are familiar with all the local laws and policies. This ensures that the job is completed on time, according to code, and within budget.

Any strata painting project is complex and requires a high level of coordination. This is because the scope of work involves not only the exterior painting of the building but also the preparation of common areas and individual units for painting.

In addition, the strata council must be consulted on all aspects of the project in order to ensure that all stakeholders are satisfied with the outcome. Once the project is underway, strict safety protocols must be followed in order to protect both the workers and the occupants of the building. All of this dictates that this complex painting project needs to be conducted by experienced and qualified professionals.

Here at Dupaint, we understand that strata painting is a complex process that requires specialised skills and equipment. We take a tailored approach to each job, working closely with our clients to develop a strategy that meets their specific needs.

Our experienced and certified staff are equipped with the latest tools and techniques to ensure a high-quality finish, and we are fully insured and compliant with all relevant regulations.

Whether you’re looking for a one-off refresh or ongoing protection for your property, we’ll work with you to find the perfect solution.

For any of your Strata Painting needs, why not contact us today?

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What People Say About Us

Peter & Anne Ireland
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We were delighted to engage the Du Paint team to complete our painting job. From the start they were agile, keen to please and professional. Their work quality was very high and they use best quality paints. We were very satisfied and would contract them again. Maz, the Director is a good communicator with clients and is responsive to needs. Highly recommended.
Adam Hickey
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Maz and the team did a great job of painting my entire apartment, including all wooden architraves and doors. They were prompt, professional, and great communicators. I am quite fussy, but nothing was too much trouble. Maz checked in when things were close to complete to make sure I was happy with everything, and even sent guys to attend to the finishing touches. Would highly recommend Dupaint to anyone. They provide an exceptional service
rosemary penman
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We were very happy with Dupaint. Maz always responded very quickly, and Allen and his team were quick and professional. The outside of the house looks terrific. Allen in particular is very friendly and very polite! We will use Dupaint again for interior painting. Thankyou Maz. Rosemary, Summer Hill
Harriet Tegel
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The team were super friendly and professional. Painted our house in North Sydney. Great result and completed in good time.
Houman Salahifar
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These guys are great. Maz the owner was there making sure everything went smooth. They were punctual and finished the job on time and he did some extra work without charge to make us super happy. They really transformed our place and was surprisingly very competitive. I will use them again and recommend Maz.