Top 5 Must Have Paint Design Ideas for your Bedroom


Waking up every morning in a cozy and relaxing place is every homeowner’s desire. I remember my favourite quote I read before,

“As simple as that… relax a little and enjoy the lovely room!

But the next question would be, how can you make your bedroom lovely and relaxing? Does it take a lot of time, money and effort to make one?

Now, let’s check the hottest and top paint design ideas for your bedroom, according to expert interior painter Maz Nazimmi.

Top 5 Best Paint Design Ideas for your Bedroom 

Make the room modern If you want something new and refrain traditional look, use the colours associated with modernism. The belief of “less is more” can best describe the modern look you want to achieve for your bedroom. You may choose the shades of Grey, Black, White, the most popular, and some people also choose Deep Blue and Olive Green to make it different.

A vibrant & airy room 

Many homeowners prefer vibrant colours, these are bright and bubbly colours that enhance the character of your bedroom and gives sparkle as well. Such vibrant colours you may choose are as follows, Royal Lilac, Citrus Spice, Hawaiian Teal and Cranberry Splash to name a few.

On the other hand, if you want your room’s space to expand or look bigger, use airy colours such as Bright and Creamy colours or Twilight Blue undertone, best to pair with glossy Silver design, wooden furniture and flooring.

Metallic paints bring elegance 

Who wouldn’t want a sophisticated room that will surely impress your meticulous guests? A simple house can look elegant by just making your room colours be painted with metallic paint of Gold, Bronze or Copper or by using Beige and Light Grey. Also, through these paint colours, your room can look larger.

Cool colours to make you calm

Enjoy the soothing and comforting effect in your room when you use cool colours. A cool shade of Blue, Green and Light Purple can make that happen. These colours represent water, sky or snow which bring the feeling of calmness and refreshing. By using these colours, your small bedroom can be more spacious at the same time.

Dreamy home is amazing 

Like any other homeowner, you want to try something different and play with colours. A colour combination to achieve a dreamy effect in your room is quite easy if some experts guide you. Such a perfect combination of colours like Pink, Black and Grey presented a different taste of masculinity from Black and Grey, and the softness and feminine of Pink bring, may create a balance and dreamy home you always wanted.

How about the combination of Pink and Blue or Brown and White? The latter is quite perfect in creating a classy home and at the same time traditional in the look, while Pink and Blue can bring a modern twist to the overall look of your room. Try these and you will be amazed at the results.

Other Important tips from the House Painters

Before choosing the paint design and colours, you need to determine the purpose why you need or you want a bedroom to revamp. For instance, if you want the new design to help you in providing better sleep, choose the colours with calming qualities like Blue and enable you to achieve your objective, as our eye’s retina are receptive to blue, thus, allow you to sleep better

Be mindful not to use striking colours such as Red, Orange, Lemony Yellow and Lime Green.

As red and orange evoke alertness and activeness, surely, you won’t get any sleep at all!

And the distracting colours Yellow & Lime green won’t do any help as well.

If you happen to decide on paint designs for your children, use vibrant colours of Sea Blue, Beige and Aqua and Royal blue. These colours may bring so much fun and excitement to our children. Better use themes as well to make it more attractive.

To give you the hottest and paint design ideas for your bedroom, fast and hassle-free, Grab your phone and Call Maz or send an email for enquiries.

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