What are the Latest Paint Designs for your Baby’s Nursery Room?


When you start building your ideal home with your growing family, you can’t forget to prepare the rooms of your children, and that includes your little one special space in your house- the Nursery Room.

Parents specially the first-time Mums and Dads are usually excited about preparing this nursery room for their upcoming little one. They want every detail of the room to be perfect, all materials, baby’s basic needs, the best designs and colours of the walls and ceilings.

Would you know that certain paint colours will help your baby to be calm or learn and develop faster?

Yes, according to some experts in Child Psychology, some colours affect your baby, with their sleeping habits, learning development and the way they will react to things.

Let us check what colours and paint designs are best to choose for your babies.

It was believed that colour Red may affect the child’s personality, probably the child may develop some impulsive behaviour since red is the hottest colour, the possible thing to do is just to combine it with other colours or as an accent to the design.

Red implies emotion, excitement and passion. And it is best to use red to catch attention.

On the other hand, you may use Orange to make your baby’s room look warm and comforting, as it inspires interpersonal conversation. A modern look signified by a light orange paint, while darker colour makes your baby’s room cosy.

A touch of Yellow may give your baby’s room a lively and energetic effect, but you need to be extra careful in using too much of its shade. The bright colour of yellow might distract the baby’s attention and affect emotions.

Choose Green for a great learning environment for your baby, aside from its calming and natural effects. Very safe in complementing with different designs of any baby’s things and accessories.

For a luxurious feel, your baby girl’s room can have a pastel shade of purples such as lilac or lavender. Also, another calming colour with great impact because of its association with royalty.

Who will forget to use the classic and all-time favourite White? For newborn babies, white is the most useful colour for baby’s things like clothes, romper, comforter set, to name a few.

White is clean and everyone wants it. It is safe to complement with white walls but try to mix it with different colours.

The universal colours Blue and Pink for baby boy and baby girl are perfect to use for the distinguished gender of your baby. Both colours are calming, only blue sometimes suggests sadness if combined with Grey. If you want your child to control eating habits, any shade of blue can help you out. Grey is also best for thinking and contemplating, another best colour to help your child to think more and spontaneous.

Now, have you chosen the best paint colour for your little one’s room?

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Give your baby the best paint designed place where she could feel comfortable and at the same time a great place for learning and development

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