5 Things To Do Before an Exterior Painting Project


Are you planning a new look for your home? Whether it is for a new house painting or a remodeling project for your existing property anywhere in Sydney, it is quite a demanding task one wouldn’t want to mess up. As a matter of fact, an exterior painting project takes a lot of hard work to ensure a successful result and a guaranteed exterior painting job that truly last!

To make all your vision possible, careful planning and proper execution are required. It takes more than just selecting your exterior paint color and picking up a brush or some paint rollers to start painting. That is why we’ll be sharing the five things you must give attention to properly prep your home.  

Painting your Exterior with these 5 Easy Steps!

  1. Research, Ask, Plan – When planning your new painting project for the exteriors, assess the whole area that needs touch-ups. Jot down information for costing. Consider creating the mockup of what you want your final surface to look like – the color, the texture, and the concept. You can also ask your family members or friends if they know some professional painters to partner with, as well as the appropriate materials to use for the project.
  1. Prepare all Paints & Materials – After the planning and design development, next will be canvassing the paint brand, painting, and cleaning materials to use. The different projects may require different approaches and needs, depending on the surface areas, location, and even the season can affect the overall result. Acknowledge that you have your limitations in the painting industry. You may have known some pricing, but it will vary depending on the state, suburb, city you are in. So find a painting contractor that can also jump into general handyman services.
  2. Clean and Prepare the SiteStart by washing or cleaning the area out of dirt, removing the larger debris, then start concentrating on areas where you need new paint coverage. Check the surface for large and chunky texture and scrape them, use sandpaper to smoothen the areas. Different looks for the uneven surfaces, holes, rust, and concrete finishing and try to fix it by resealing or refilling the small holes.

On the other hand, many homeowners are suspecting mould in their homes with professional’s help to check and clean it before painting activities.

  1. Coat it, conceal it, and Prime it.Put proper coverage on the areas you do not need the paint to leak on. You can do this by taping newspapers to protect the area like pathways, patio, the floor, wall, and ceiling away from the excessive paint or tears. Applying a primer on the area before the actual colour is a time-saver; mainly it acts as the ‘concealer’ for tidbits that cannot be smoothed down by the sandpapers.
  2. Paint All the WayBefore you proceed to do the most enjoyable part of your home transformation, ensure you have completed the assessment list for pre and post checking. Prepare the paints, the topcoat, and the mockup plan you need to follow through. Check the weather to avoid ruining your painting project due to rain showers. Is it too cold and too hot to paint outside? High-quality exterior painting job can last up to average 3-5 years, and it can be costly if it starts to peel earlier than expected.

Many paint companies in Sydney, Australia provide colour palettes that can help any DIY painter for the right colour combination in their design project. But if it’s a huge house, better hire a professional to do the job. After all, it takes a pro to transform everything flawlessly!

Don’t waste your money doing things on your own that might potentially end in an epic failed attempt. The best thing to do is trust a team of highly-skilled and reliable exterior painters that will make you realize how professional exterior painting job is worth every penny you’ve invested. And with Dupaint, Sydney Australia’s #1 Painting Company, you won’t have any regrets at all! .

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