Did you know that colours affect a person’s mood? Different colours can make someone happy or sad, they can enhance or suppress an appetite and they can even boost staff focus and concentration at work.


Somehow many studies have been conducted associating colours with one’s feelings or emotions.


Nowadays, as we are facing challenges and struggles in life and many people are experiencing some health problems due to pandemic.

With this difficult situation, we need to cope up with those things and create our own outlet to move on and keep forward.


And as we are spending more time at home, such improvements in our home through house painting can be one of the best things we can think of and we can say helpful for some of our problems.


Now, let’s take a look of how paint colours affect different moods or might resolve some of our problems mentally and emotionally.


  • Paint colours that can help you sleep 


Studies show that there are certain colours to be used for painting your bedroom walls that may resolve some sleeping problems or allow longer and better sleep.

Soothing colours or sleep-conducive colours such as blue, the best colour for sleep, any shades of blue (light or dark blue) would do. Painting blue on your walls can help you feel relax and calm.

According to one research being done in a hotel, 60% of the guests who stayed overnight in a blue room was able to have more than 7 hours uninterrupted sleep and woke up happy.

Yellow and green are also some of the sleep-conducive colours on the list. As yellow is a dreamy and happy colour. While the organic colour green can also help you to have complete sleep at night, as the colour reminds you of nature, giving a bubbly and optimistic feeling when waking up.


  • Paint colours that can relieve your stress and anxieties 


The combination of blue and green is the best paint colour to use to ease the feeling of anxiety and may also relieve your stress. These colours are said to help in lowering blood pressure and can make the heart rate slows down.

Lavender or muted purple is also another choice of paint colour with also calming and stress-relieving effect. While shades of green are restful colours which help people to reduce stress as well.

Research showed that those who spent overnight in green rooms had lower stress rating scores than those who stayed in red rooms. Combining also green with pale yellow can be one of the most stress-relieving colour combinations.



  • Paint colours that can make you happy and lively 


If you are having a problem with companionship and always feeling lonely at times when you are alone, you may need to create a room in your home particularly your living room, bedroom or dining room with happy colours such as pink for joy, yellow for cheerfulness, teal to revitalize and green to energize. You may also use soft pastel colours and neutral colours combination for a more saturated look, you may also get assistance from Sydney house painters for better recommendations.

These colours will definitely make everyone happy and energetic specially when you have time to gather and eat together, so start to get a repaint for your home. I am pretty sure you are going to love it, as you are welcoming more happy thoughts inside your home.


  • Paint colours that can help you focus and concentrate 


To help you focus and concentrate on your work and school assignments, 3 colours are recommended to use for your walls, either at home or in the office. Orange, blue and green are said to have powerful effects in improving your mind flow and performance and stimulate your state of mind better, thus, faster thought processes may be expected. While feeling relaxed with these colours, a positive outlook and better contemplation are possibly generated.


Since colours play an important role in influencing the moods of a person and easily affect one’s emotions, it is advisable to start checking and changing the paint colours of your home or any room in your house. This may help you to improve your mental health and resolve some of your emotional needs in the long run.



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