Are you looking for certified garage epoxy flooring experts? It’s time to end your search. Discover the beauty and many benefits of professional garage flooring epoxy with Dupaint!

When it comes to introducing style and durability to your garage flooring, we understand how it requires a unique personal touch. With us, there are no empty promises because we are way different from other ordinary garage epoxy flooring service companies. Since the day we’ve been established, we are fueled with the commitment to provide client satisfaction in everything that we do. And that is why we are excited to deliver more than premium painting service!

We proudly offer Garage Epoxy Flooring and Painting Garage Epoxy Services

With our unparalleled reputation as the leading Sydney painting specialists, coinciding with our proven craftsmanship engineered to produce guaranteed 100% real results out of your dream inspirations, we are solely here for you!

Whatever flooring project you might have – a new garage flooring, an upgrade of your flooring’s aesthetic or got any structural issue, let us take all the worry out of the job! And rest assured, you can experience the best service that truly beautifies your flooring at the most affordable rates possible!

What Makes Us the Best Garage Epoxy Flooring Service Providers?

A legacy of building dreams and manufacturing excellence has always been our mission. Servicing almost every location in and around Sydney, we cater to the needs involving garage epoxy flooring installations, painting garage epoxy maintenance and other epoxy flooring treatments.

It is important to give proper attention to your garage flooring as it adds value to your home and business. When the time comes for investing in professional garage flooring, you’ll need someone you can trust – and that is why we’re here!

What sets us apart is our fast, precisely effective and innovative responses that ensure solutions-oriented service; thus transforming your envisioned flooring into a real beauty (which your neighbours will surely talk about!)

For every customer’s request, we are dedicated to supporting you all the way. We hone our expertise with precise control of every detail, timely practices and most importantly developing proper communication with our clients. We don’t simply start on the process because we care for your home and commercial property as if they’re ours – and we care for your investments the same way that you do. Honouring every customer’s criteria and requests, we exercise “Satisfaction Follow-Up” for our Sydney clientele.

Fully Insured with Affordable Pricing

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High-end Quality available at Reasonable Rates

We offer a high-quality standard of garage epoxy flooring service that is also guaranteed cost-effective!

Talk to one of our epoxy contractors today to know how you can save money and acquire the flooring that is aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting!

Extensive Epoxy Flooring Options & Customizable Service

You can create your personalized service package with our variety of flooring options (Solid Color Epoxy Flooring, Flake Epoxy Flooring, Metallic Epoxy Flooring, etc.) best suited for residential, commercial and industrial settings.

We offer seamless, impermeable and one-of-a-kind flooring that is truly your own!

Fully Insured Team of Epoxy Flooring Specialists

Our team is comprised of experts who understand what you need and deliver beyond your expectations.

Whether it is for aesthetic needs, slip-resistant purposes or wish to add durability to your flooring, we offer endless possibilities!

Call us anytime you need and we can make it happen!

Painting for a business requires a different set of skills than painting for a home. Commercial buildings can have a wider variety of materials and surfaces than residential buildings. It is necessary to use different preparation methods and products. The painting contractor you choose should be able to decide the best procedures and supplies to use in order to get the most long-lasting and durable results. Look for a commercial painting company that has been around for a while and has a track record of success. Luckily, Dupaint got you covered.

Our goal is to provide complete customer satisfaction – a seamless, efficient experience from beginning to end.

It’s About The Paint

We utilise a paint brand that provides us with materials and solutions that ensure that every residential building project has the highest level of substrate protection and is built to specifications. We have all the best exterior, interior, and protective paints for all your needs that’s why can use the proper paint for whatever type of surface your residential building has! For example, choosing the right paint for a new house is very crucial because the atmosphere is very moist and the paint needs to be durable so it won’t chip or peel. There are many paints that work well in hospital environments, but one of the most common ones is Dulux Weathershield matt emulsion. It stays put for up to 10 years, doesn’t show dirt or dust, has low VOCs and comes in white which is perfect for clinical areas.

Garage Epoxy Flooring & Painting Projects

Maz and his Dupaint team work with some of the most prestigious premium builders in Sydney and throughout Australia. Beyond Building Solutions PTY Ltd is one such builder, with clients such as Anytime Fitness and Orange Theory Fitness, producing some outstanding work in the fitness industry.

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