A newly painted wall looks aesthetically beautiful and adds to the appeal of the space. Over time, the paint loses its shine and newness because of the wear and tear. After some time, the paint starts to fade and there are many probable reasons that lead to it. If you understand factors that cause the paint to fade you will be better equipped to avoid mistakes during painting that lead to faster fading of the paint. By hiring professionals from service providers like Dupaint you can be assured of quality work so that the paint maintains its sheen for longer.

Reason why paint starts to fade out early

Here are some of the common reasons which cause the paint to start fading early:

  • Wrong choice of paint and other materials: This is the most common reason that causes paint to fade. There are factors that determine the type of paint you should use and the most significant one is the weather. Therefore, hiring a reputed professional will help, as they will advise you on making the right choice of paint.
  • Impact of sunlight: If a wall is constantly hit by direct sunlight the chances of the paint fading off are higher. Therefore, the level of sunlight the room receives must be assessed while choosing the paint.
  • Dust and pollution: Dust particles and pollution settles on the wall over time and causes it to look faded and dull.
  • Inadequate surface preparation: A common mistake that an inexperienced painter could make is not applying the proper undercoat and primer to the wall. The old colour bleeds through the new coat and leads to dull and faded walls. Hence, it is important that proper sanding is done before applying a new coat on the surface.

Dealing with issues of fading paint

Here are some tips on how you can fix faded walls and take preventive measures so that the paint doesn’t start to fade early.

  • Solar window films block the UV rays and protect the paint from damage by sunlight.
  • Using lighter colours on walls exposed to the sun helps, as lighter colours are less susceptible to fading.
  • Priming the wall before painting is imperative as the primer acts as an adhesive and gives a more durable finish.
  • Dusting the wall periodically to remove dirt and pollutions makes the wall look clean and shiny.
  • Choose paint per the local weather. For example, oil-based paints are best for areas with lot of precipitation.

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