How do we choose the right colour for our home?


Painting is a quick way to give any room a fresh and new vibe. The choice of colour gives a very personal touch the painting. Choosing the right colour is the most important and most daunting task. The colour that you pick has a dramatic impact on the value of your property.

Hiring a colour consultant from a service provider like Dupaint will help you, as they will advise you on which colour suits your property the best. Here are some more tips that will guide you in choosing the right colour that suits your lifestyle, personality and space.

Things to consider while choosing the right colour

When you are selecting the colour palette you can begin with contrasts, pair some dark and light together. Adding some bright colours will infuse more energy into your room. If you like plain and light walls then you can add colour with your furnishings, rugs and other accessories. Drawing out the room plans and sketches in colour gives a good idea of how the final look will come out. You can buy paints in a smaller size as samples and do a test on a small patch. Lighting plays a major role in defining any space and hence you must never overlook it while selecting a colour. Light reflects the colour and hence changes it continuously throughout the day. You can start with either a central room or the entry. When it comes to colours, you can begin with your favourite one and then look at its various shades and hues.

Tips on choosing a colour

Here are some tips to help you pick the right shade:

  • Refer to the current trends and latest colour schemes. You can check out some blogs or websites and see what is trending in home improvement. However, choose something that is there to stay as otherwise your interiors might soon become dated.
  • Test in small spaces or patches before you commit. Get some swatch cards of colours you wish to try out. Once you shortlist from these get some samples and try it out on a board or a card instead of directly painting the wall.
  • The secret of getting the colour choice right is layering. Use your wall as a neutral backdrop, not necessarily by picking a dull or boring colour. Create a neutral version of any colour you like and then accentuate with accessories and furnishings.

If you are seeking some expert advice on selecting the right colour palette for your home, you can bank on the colour experts at Dupaint. You can give us a call or write to us.

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