How does an Impressive Office Paint Design Affect your Business?


In any commercial space, paint designs are important to create a good impression on customers, clients and guests. Somehow, the look of your office will give you such implication on how your business stands or current status. It also reflects your products or brand image, and solely responsible for brand recall and sales results in the long run.

Imagine, a simple fresh coat may contribute to the success of your business. Do you honestly believe in that?

Well, aside from the impact of paint design on the brand and to the customers and potential target market, well-designed paints may give certain effects on employees’ performances at work.

Did you know that paint design can improve the productivity of your workforce? Yes, a nice environment with amazing paint colours may influence the mood, productivity and may give some source of inspiration to your employees. Paint colours may reduce stress and increase focus to your staff, thus, they may work properly and accomplish their tasks with great results expectedly.

Paint can also give you a quick and budgeted revamp to your office rooms if you cannot afford yet the cost of a renovation. Any vacant space in your rooms can be transformed into a useful one once a paint design was applied to it.

What is the best paint colour for your Office?   

If you want a colour that will get rid of stress or simply make things easier in your work, better use the calming colours, any shade of blue can make you and your employees feel those.

Blue is an intellectual colour, it represents logic and efficiency.

Also, the coolness of the green colour may induce the feelings of nature which help anyone feel relax and comfortable. This colour often uses in offices that require long working hours, since Green represents restoration and provides balance and harmony. We often see these colours in medical offices.

While a deep jewel green or bold red and yellow are bold colours, that can help your employees to focus more, if they have trouble concentrating. The use of Red in paint design is advisable if the company brand requires physical strength and effort, red induces excitement to employees and your customers as well.

Business owners often incorporate some shades of Yellow to stimulate creativity, happiness and a positive outlook in the life of their employees. Since yellow represents optimism, friendliness, confidence and creativity, yellow is indeed one emotional colour that every company might need to boost confidence as well.

On the other hand, if your office or business is selling luxury products or expensive items, you may use the shade of purple to complement these products. Purple is often associated with royalty, luxury and elegance.

For some offices, customer or client casual lounge is also designed with psychological colours to stimulate some positive reactions or impressions. Orange is said to be the more preferred colour of some food companies since orange is associated with warmth and food.

Some modern offices use Gray to show radiancy and neutrality. These are companies with products associated with technology such as the latest gadgets, appliances or furniture but often incorporate with other shades.

Moreover, dramatic colours and paint designs are also in demand for offices. Mixing the different shades to create an impact on the whole office design and your guests/clients is also considered by some business owners. Using some kind of collaborating colour tones with primary colours such as deep blue, misty blue or blue-note greys will send different effects or impressions to your customers and employees. Deep Blue is quite relaxing and also a powerful colour design, while Blue-note Gray is stylish and has relaxing and calming effects as well.

For some business owners who are fond of white, to add some dramatic effects, a pale-grey white can be used. A perfect paint design to make an office area more spacious and feel cooler. This can also be used for a longer period since white can’t be out of style.

Lastly, who will forget the classic cream wall colour to try for your office? Classic cream induces a great sense of personality and elegance in any business. Just be reminded to combine it with other sensational colours to make it lively.

A quick paint to your office will surely make your business successful, what are you waiting for? Grab your phone Call Maz or send an email for enquiries and consult with Sydney’s commercial painting company to discuss your dream office paint design!    
















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