How to Prepare Your House for a Painting Service in Sydney

How to Prepare Your Home for Painting

Prep it right and you’ll surely double the life of your paint!

Basically, house painting isn’t an easy job but if you’re lucky, you may not need to repaint all the time if the paint job is done well. Not only will it look better if you’re thorough, but it can possibly last more than the average time. After all, we have to face the fact that the success and failure of anything depends on how you prepared for it.

From planning to the actual painting, there are things you need to consider to minimize potential issues. Working with paint colors is very challenging that only professionals can get the perfect color when mixing.

Consider these important things when preparing for painting service. To ensure that all is well, one must have a clear contract between professional Sydney painters and the owner on who will do the initial clean-up. The second is how to prepare a room or area for a paint job.

Preparation and Clean-up

Deciding who should do the preparation and clean-up will depend on the agreement between the property owner and the painting service provider. Everything can go smoothly if it’s a new painting project for a newly furnished home or building. If it’s exterior painting, there’ll be no fuss about moving big furniture. That is the opposite of an interior or indoor repainting, where there are existing settings and stuff. Talk with your painting contractor, but expect extra payment for the ‘workaround’. If you want to cut costs, the best thing is, do a significant part of moving the furniture away from the site. The same goes when considering a DIY, the owner does everything anyways.

How Prepare the Room or Area for Painting Job?

  1. Move the biggest furniture as it will block the scene or limit the painter’s movement, thus resulting in low-quality output.
  2. If you’ll do interior wall painting – compile the furniture in the center of the room and use protective coverings like thick plastic covers. Drop cloths are only suitable for the floors as it reduces the paint drops from the walls, the next is floor painting anyways. However, avoid using the material to cover your stuff due to the high probability of leakage. Put painter’s tape to areas you don’t want to get stained.
  3. If possible, wash the area from ceilings, walls, floors, windows, and doors. Minimize all the dirt and clutter that can ruin a smooth paint finish. Cleaning the area can reveal the current state of room texture.
  4. For exterior painting, you have to be extra attentive and thoroughly examine everything. Not only the walls but even under the eaves, split shingles if there’s any, around the windows, sidings and along the foundation. In case there are areas in need of repair, whether there are popped nails or rust, you have it fixed first right before getting excited to hold the paint rollers.
  5. When dealing with trouble spots such as scraping paint off the area that’s too close to the ground, you have to carefully scrape the paint away within 16 inches of the concrete. It is best recommended to use replaceable carbide blades.
  6. Oil and heat are always present in the kitchen and mostly trapped in the pantry, walls, and floors. Regular clean-up can help maintain the beauty. However, you must acknowledge the paint’s limitation and the need to scrape off the dirt from the area. Look for peeling, as paint peels off over a specified period.
  7. Use the sander to sand away the flaws and smoothen the surface. Apply patching compound sealer, wait for it to dry and use sander simultaneously for a more refined finish.
  8. Double coats of paint can give a more durable film rather than settling for a single coat of paint. By doing so, your paint job will acquire better resistance against moisture and will last longer..
  9. When you’re using paint and primer, you have to consider the brand’s actual strength (as listed on the paint label) against humidity and temperature. Certain paints are a bit more delicate particularly in terms of weather conditions during the application period.

A thorough examination, both the inside and outside conditions of the house will ensure a great result. To make it even more of a 100% guarantee, get all the advice and guides you need from the experts. If you are planning to hire someone for the painting job, don’t forget to check reviews.

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