Meet Anna Barducci – our new colour consultant!

Through her business Brilliant Colours, Anna’s expertise in colour schemes adds further professionalism to the Dupaint team.

It can be really difficult to make a decision as to what colours you want to add to your home, however, we are making the job far more easier.

Professional Colour Consultant for Painting Services

A professional colour consultant can be invaluable when it comes to picking colours, design and textures that ultimately go a long way in determining the look and feel of your surroundings.

“A lot of clients feel unsure of what colours to use when it comes to refreshing their home or businesses,” Dupaint’s owner and operator, Maz Nassimi said.

“That is why I wanted to bring Anna’s expertise into the business.

“She has over 10 years experience in colour consulting and by her listening and giving feedback, it will ensure every client is satisfied with the end result.”

Barducci started Brilliant Colours some 10 years ago and has a Diploma of Colour Consulting after attending the School of Colour and Design.

Her passion for creative design ironically started as a child when assisting her father in painting their own home in a standard ‘cream’ colour.

“My father said it was the safe option and I suppose it was but all I wanted was to dazzle it up with a bit of colour,” explained.

“Looking back, I guess it was my dad who sparked my passion and desire to use colour and paint, so I enrolled in the School of

Colour and Design and the rest is history.”

“I love what I do and am passionate about providing advice on not only colour but styling. I believe that we all have our own style which is reflected in our homes.”

Barducci said the key to good design is getting the colours right but many people are scared to use colour because the choices can be overwhelming.

That is where her expertise comes into play and combining that with Dupaint’s ability to execute the job perfectly will result in a fantastic finish.

“Colour is personal so I like to give my clients an understanding of how it all works,” Barducci said.

“My approach is to sit down and listen to the client’s wants and needs.

“I then look at their environment and surroundings before creating a scheme that they will be happy with.

“Overall when you hire a colour consultant it’s about simplifying the whole process and making people excited about their project.”

A LITTLE BIT ABOUT ANNA BARDUCCI – Colour Consultant for Dupaint

Favourite style: Rustic / Eclectic

Hobbies: Restoring and revamping pre-loved furniture and unusual objects

Experience: Over 10 years in the industry

Motto: “I love using colour and don’t have a fear of it”

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