Pressure Washing vs. Paint Scraping: Which is Best Pre-Paint?



If you’ve opted to paint the outside of your home or another previously painted hard surface, you’ve got a big job ahead of you. This type of project will take many hours, if not more, regardless of your degree of competence. But what if you have to start by removing the old paint? That’s another task that will take several hours to complete. The third question is whether pressure washing or scraping is the optimum pre-paint preparation.


Paint Scraping


There’s nothing more fulfilling than making little house repairs and renovations on your own, according to a DIY aficionado. If you think that sounds insane, you’re not alone. Manual labor-intensive job is a no-no for millions of individuals, even in their own homes. As a pre-paint treatment, hand scraping is used. It’s a physically demanding job. Depending on the weather, you may have to wait hours or even days to begin, let alone complete the task in a timely manner.


When it comes to paint scraping, there are a few extra things to consider for Sydney homes. You’ll have to buy materials many times. Even the greatest paint scraper can rapidly wear down when scraping paint from wood, brick, or stone. Why waste your time and money on materials you may never use again when a pressure washing firm can accomplish the job for you in a matter of hours?


Also, after scraping has been done, another process called sanding needs to be done. You should never paint over old paint. Make sure that the surface is fine and smooth. Only when this is done can the process of applying the primer, the base coat and the top coat can be done.


Pressure Washing


Pressure washing is a better alternative than completing the labor by hand for little chores like paint scraping for a one-story residence. Surfaces like wood, brick patios, concrete, and masonry are less abrasive. Softer surfaces, such as siding, tiled areas, and wood decks, may also be cleaned using these machines.

When deciding between pressure washing and paint scraping, one important factor to consider is how effectively each performs. You’ll get exhausted scraping by hand, and there’s no assurance you won’t miss a piece of paint that needs to be removed. The possibilities of losing paint are small while pressure washing, especially if the job is done by a professional. Your home will be thoroughly cleaned and scrubbed since the pressure washer utilizes water. You’re getting rid of dirt, filth, mildew, and ugly tiny life things that live on the outside of your house. You’ll be better prepared for new paint if you remove all traces of old paint and clean at the same time than if you scrape by hand.


Why Pressure Washing Is Highly Recommended?


To recap, pressure washing is the greatest way to get rid of all kinds of pests and dirt before you start painting. Cleaning your home is essential to allowing a new coat of paint to adhere with the primer. You may ensure that the paint slides smoothly rather than rolling over dirt by eliminating all the crud. But there’s more to be concerned about than dirt. Mildew or mold may also be present, which a pressure washing business can remove by using a bleaching solution to thoroughly remove all mildew from the outside of your property.


The first and most critical step in preparing your home for painting is to pressure wash it. Our staff sands and scrapes as needed, resets loose nails, primes exposed areas, and fixes minor plaster cracks in addition to pressure washing.


Dupaint Uses Pressure Washing for Pre-paint


Aside from its practicality, pressure washing is a lot faster than paint scraping. Because of this, Dupaint sees this method to be more convenient to use. Dupaint uses high pressure machines to get the job done. In our years of experience in painting, we think that this method will give better results especially for exterior painting and in some cases for interior painting as well.

So, experience a different method in pre-paint preparation. Give us a call and we would like to start your project using modern methods that gives the best result you have ever wanted for your painting job.

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