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In the past 12 years Dupaint, a family run and operated team of Sydney Painters have gained a fantastic reputation for exceptional customer service and high-quality workmanship with both commercial and domestic property owners throughout Sydney.

Maz Nassimi, the business owner, will sit down with each and every client to establish a clear understanding of the individual client’s unique requirements to ensure Du Paint go above and beyond expectations on every job they undertake.

Dupaint’s Quality Service

Dupaint stand out from their competition in many ways. One of which is how Maz is able to call upon the services of a professional colour consultant and offer this service for free to ensure his customers choose the right colours, textures and shades. Anna Barducci’s expertise comes from 10 years of colour consulting with her business – Brilliant Colours. She has a diploma in colour consulting after attending the school of colour and design. This invaluable service completely eliminates the tricky problem of choosing the right colours to use when refreshing your house or commercial premises.

After the initial consultations with Maz and Anna are completed and every detail of the client’s needs are understood and the process and timelines for the project are agreed upon, Maz and his team will begin with their eye for detail on the preparations.

If you haven’t noticed the difference in quality that Dupaint provides by this point, you certainly will by now. Dupaint has multiple accreditations. They are Taubmans certified which first and foremost means they are a highly professional organisation with a proven track record for quality workmanship, industry knowledge and job reliability.

To obtain this accreditation you have to sign Taubmans rules of engagement certification document. Signing this document is the company’s professional guarantee that they comply with all safety regulations and hold a minimum $5 million public liability insurance, Dupaint far exceeds this and have public liability insurance of $20 million. This should give anyone peace of mind when using Dupaint for the entire range of painting services for Sydney’s homeowners, strata managers and commercial business owners alike.

Taubman’s certified painters are selected on their reputation. If you are looking for a painter in Sydney, working with a professional who will return your calls, be able to communicate effectively from the commencement of the project right through to completion and be capable of producing the highest quality of work should ball be paramount in your decision making.

Using a Taubman’s certified painter is an absolute guarantee of quality. They will be using Taubmans paint and following the very best practices for quality assurance. Given the property prices in Sydney these days, you will want to use a painter who can add value to your property and Dupaint can definitely do that for you.

Every Taubman’s certified painter will take huge pride in the quality of their work because Taubmans’ business listings contain an overview of each painters credentials and full reviews of the jobs that they have completed. Another factor to be aware of is Taubman’s certified painters are completely committed to environmentally friendly paint products. They also must adhere to the correct cleaning of brushes, equipment and practices of environmentally friendly waste management. Dupaint as a fully certified Taubmans’ painter, must also comply with all environmental legislation and air and noise quality guidelines when working on any Sydney house or commercial property.

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