Mould is one of the most underrated problems household owners face when it comes to maintaining their home. Traces of mould are a sure sign that you have some sort of water or moisture problem says Maz Nassimi, Founder and Owner of DuPaint Sydney Painters.

One of the more common areas you are likely to find household mould, known as black mould, is the bathroom. This makes perfect sense because it is the wettest area of a home. More often than not you will find black mould in between your grout in the shower and bath, however, the ceiling is another area where you will likely find effected.

The main reason to find any sort of mould in and around your premises is because of poor ventilation. When it comes to your ceiling it could mean that the humidity and condensation levels in the roof are too high. Without proper ventilation, condensation has nowhere to escape and instead settles in the roof and that is when you will start to see mould spots on the ceiling.

The same could be said when it comes to your walls. Even though you may have breathers installed, if water is seeping through an external wall then a small breather isn’t enough to ensure the condensation doesn’t become a problem.

“We recently performed a job in Castle Hill where the mould had effectively killed the ceiling,” Nassimi said.

“In order to fix the problem we needed to find out where the mould was coming from.

“Poor ventilation in the ceiling was the problem.

“This needed to be corrected before we could attack the surface mould with Smart Prime.

“If this problem wasn’t corrected then the work we did to the room, including removing the mould and repainting, would be for nothing. Mould would again come through the ceiling in time because of the poor ventilation.”

Maz and his team were innovative when treating the mould and removing it for their Castle Hill client, using the latest technology and products through the following steps:

1) Applying mould killing spray

2) Then applying Smart Prime ( Zinzer )

( The use of Stain Killer and Cover Mould which are water-based and have less odour)

4) Repainting the room

Breathing in mould can be a serious health hazard. If you detect any sort of moisture or water issues, these should be dealt with immediately.

Do you have any questions or concerns regarding a mould problem? Or do you need some advice when it comes to painting? Give Maz and the team at DuPaint a call today at 1300-433-986.