What is The Best Way To Paint Weatherboards


Best Way To Paint Weatherboards

So, you’ve made the decision to repaint your home. The joy you’ll get after completing the job is unlike any other. A fresh coat of paint has the ability to make your property seem brand new again while also increasing its value. You can’t go wrong with repainting your property, whatever your reasoning may be. If you’ve been scrolling endlessly searching for tips on how to paint your weatherboards, look no further. In this blog post, we’ll be looking at the best way to paint your weatherboards to make sure they last for years to come. We have created a step-by-step guide to ensure you get the best possible finish. Preparation is key, so ensure you’re ready to gather all the necessary equipment. Alternatively, you can hire us to do it for you and save yourself the time and money on having to do it yourself.

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Steps To Paint Your Weatherboards

Make Sure The Weather Is Good

To begin, you must first determine whether the weather is cooperating with you! It’s not a good idea to paint when it’s too hot, too cold, or rainy. The temperature should be at least 10°C but no more than 35°C. If you’re painting on a scorching day, seek to work in the shade of your home.

Clean The Weatherboards

If it’s nice weather, you may prepare your surfaces. Remove cobwebs from beneath the eaves or around the gutters using a brush or broom. Clean every crevice of where you will be painting, otherwise, the dust dirt and webs will be stuck under the paint once you’ve begun the painting process.

Remove Any Loose Flakes

If your old paint is chipping or flaking off, make sure to remove all of it. Use a high-pressure hose or paint scraper to remove any flaking paint.If you use a hose, wait until the surfaces have dried completely before moving on.

Sand The Boards

Making sure that your surface is clear and well prepared is half the work of painting your weatherboards. Grab your sander and sand back your weatherboards to a smooth surface. This will allow the paint to stick better.

Fill In The Gaps

Examine your weatherboards closely, are there any holes or gaps from nail holes? Fill any cracks or gaps between the boards with an exterior gap filler. Use a product that is UV-resistant and has some flexibility, so it will withstand changes in the weather. you can use a caulking gun to help you out also.

Mask Off Areas

Before we start the painting process, have you made sure that you’ve masked off and covered areas you want to protect? Areas like windows, window frames, etc are important to cover to not get any paint on these spots. Use painter’s tape to mask off areas.


Primer is needed to seal the surface of the weatherboard and to provide a uniform base for the topcoat of paint. Without primer, the topcoat may not adhere evenly to the surface and could flake or chip over time. Apply a coat of primer or undercoat to the boards. Any exposed wood will be covered by primer, ensuring that your topcoat colour is uniform and doesn’t turn out patchy.

Start Cutting

Once the primer has completely dried, you’re ready to move on to the topcoat. Start by using a good quality brush to cut in along the edges and underneath the weatherboards. Basically, anywhere it will be difficult to get with the roller.

Use Your Roller And Leave To Dry

Now it’s time to get those weatherboards painted. Pour your paint into a paint tray, add the roller, and get started!

To get the smoothest finish, work your way from the top down. Paint the underside of the boards first, then the front. Make horizontal strokes from one side to the other with long strokes, painting from the top down. Stop halfway along with a board and you’ll get an obvious overlapping finish that’s difficult to fix. Once you finish the first coat of paint, leave to dry. Aim for two coats of paint to give it a fresh look, then remove all the tape to finish!

Ensure That You Have Test Painted The Colours First

It’s critical to experiment with paint colours first since light refraction may cause colours to appear differently throughout the day. Using a sample pot to paint an area out allows you to take steps back and evaluate the hue in various lighting conditions. The best way to test a colour is during the day and at night.

Take A Few Steps Back

Step back from your painting project every now and again to see if it’s close enough to your final result. Look at it from different angles, what looks good from one angle may look out of place from another angle. For example under direct sunlight may highlight areas you didn’t think were noticeable.

Weatherproofing Once You Have Achieved Your Paint Finish

Weatherproofing the surface of your weatherboards is vital to ensure your paint finish looks good for years to come. Apply a coat of exterior primer, followed by two coats of exterior topcoat. Weatherproofing will provide protection

Tackle The Wall In Sections

Before you apply the first layer of paint, make sure you have the appropriate brush. Before proceeding with even strokes, use a decent quality brush to cut in from the bottom of each board, going all the way into each overlap. Rather than paint one long, horizontal board at a time, divide your wall into sections using the natural breaks in the weatherboards (such as corners, windows or doors) to minimise movement as you complete the project.

Need Help? Call Dupaint

If you’ve read until this point, you should be well prepared to tackle those weatherboards of yours and get them looking new in no time! But, if you’re feeling confused or need some help with painting your home. That’s literally what we’re here for. Give us a call and we’ll give you a quote for painting your weatherboards! Dupaint promise to use the best paint for your weatherboards, while providing a top-notch painting job.

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