What to consider when hiring a Commercial Painter?


In any business, the look of the office or shops, whether a stand-alone or located inside the building, painting is one critical investment of a business owner. And careful planning of the painting design and colours of your establishment must be done since this will also determine how you want your brand or products to be known by your potential customers. The image of your company is likely related to your brand colour, and so your office or retail store overall look. Paint designs also reflect how your company or staff works and manage their clients.

With this, it is important to have someone, a professional one, who can truly help you in coming up with the best paint design ideas and possible colours to match up your business and/or products.

The next question would be, how can you get or hire a painting contractor with expertise in commercial painting?

Now, let’s take a look on what are the important factors to consider when choosing a painter for your commercial space.


  1. Experience of the Painting Contractor

Most clients is selecting painting contractor/s for their establishments with many years of experience since this proves the expertise of the painters, especially in commercial painting. commercial painting industry. This gives them assurance for the Superior Quality and Results of their commercial space. Remember that if you are eyeing a knowledgeable and well-trained commercial painter, you must check how long he is in the painting industry, if he has more than 10 years, you are assured you got the right one.


  1. Customers feedback from Previous works 

In choosing a commercial painter, reviews on services and the painting contractor itself from the previous customers are quite useful nowadays. You may identify which one can give you Superior Quality and Results based on the reviews and feedback given by the previous customers in just one click. Sometimes, even the cost details and the working attitude of the painter are highlighted in their reviews, this made every painter’s work easier in getting new clients through such recommendations.


  1. Contract Cost and Scope of Work/Coverage 

Another important to take note of is that you must know how your chosen painting contractor prepares the painting job contract, how the details, scope and coverage are laid down to customers. The cost of the painting contract especially for commercial space should be prioritized since this will affect your business costings. Clarity of every detail must be presented to you by your commercial painter before any project starts. And this might help you in comparing and choosing who can give your requirements completely. After reviewing everything, choose the best which will give you a cost-effective commercial painting contract.


  1. Working Attitude and Commitment 

It is also best to include some basic qualities of the painter you will be working with. Someone who can handle all your concerns properly and resolve some potential problems to encounter in your establishment in the long run. Every business owner wants to work with a trustworthy painting contractor who can provide quality services at a reasonable cost and can maintain your business premises properly. Work with someone with a commitment to their work and values the clients like you.


  1. Licenses and Certification

You can never go wrong with a licensed painting contractor. They can’t sacrifice their credibility and license just to do a quick painting service. You have assured the quality of painting services they will provide you. In Sydney, it is not easy to obtain a Master Painter certification. Moreover, the painting brands such as Dulux and Taubmans, will not give also their certification to mediocre painting contractors.



With these factors mentioned, when properly checked and reviewed, choosing or hiring a painting contractor for your business will be easy and fast. And more importantly, you may avoid many problems which other business owners are experiencing when selected cheap painters.

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