How to clean up after painting

How to clean up after painting

Enhancing your living spaces with fresh coats of paint is a stimulating and satisfying experience. However, your task is not done even after you lay

How often should you paint your house

How Often Should You Paint Your House

Maintaining the appearance and condition of your house involves various tasks. And one of the best ways to do that is through repainting. The question

Fixing Watery Paint Problems

How to Fix Watery Paint Problems

Paint is the lifeblood of all artistic endeavours. It gives life to blank canvases, fills empty walls with colour, and bestows a charm to our

Cracked wet drywall mud

Can You Paint Over Wet Drywall Mud?

No, painting over wet drywall mud is not recommended. To ensure a smooth, appealing outcome, it is essential to allow a drying period of at

Can you wash drop cloths

Can You Wash Drop Cloths?

Yes, you can wash your drop cloths made from canvas, cotton or muslin in a washing machine. Plastic or rubber-backed drop cloths should be washed

Why do painters wear white

Why Do Painters Wear White?

Painters wear white because in the 17th century homes were painted white. Wearing “painter’s whites” as they were known, allowed the painters to look clean