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Creating Best Paint Design for Kid’s Playroom

Creating Best Paint Design for Kid’s Playroom

Choosing and creating the best paint design for a kids’ playroom has never been easy for homeowners in Sydney. Aside from the fact that it should look enjoyable and exciting, the colours and durability of the design and finish also need to be considered and think about carefully.

A children’s playroom should be multifunctional; aside from a place for playing, it must also be a suitable place for learning and relaxation for your kids. And these can be possible with the assistance of the house painting contractors in Sydney through their expertise in conceptualizing fresh and new ideas of different paint designs.

They can guide you for the best colours, appropriate decoration or design and interesting themes for your kids without a fuss. While at the same time, providing you with the best estimates in terms of painting project cost and workable timeline which cannot hamper the operation in your house.

Now, let’s take a glimpse of the checklist Sydney house painters are using to come up with the best paint design for your children’s playroom.

Colours and design based on Kid’s Personality

One excellent way to make your design and colours appealing to your children is to associate them with something they love and their passion. Ask them personally what are their favourite colours or favourite cartoons or movies to watch and anything they like, or what are the things that attracted them most or simply what can make them happy.

Different colours may determine your child personality, not all children love very colourful designs, some are simple and need those colours that may stimulate and bring them to imagine things they want to explore more.

Did you know that there are different types of kid’s personalities and you may use colours to correspond to those personalities of your kids to put up with room design?

The Colour Specialist Sam Bramley identified the children with the following personalities and came up with different colours that would match them, let’s see some of them below.

  1. The Explorer, these are children who are always curious about everything they see, they love to explore many things and they love seeking answers. They want to be a detective or study the insects they touch or curious about something in the backyard. The colours that would match this kind of personality are something earthy, like green, grey with white combination or greige (grey + beige).
  2. The Artist, these children are creative, fascinated by music and art. They are the talented one, who wants to build something out of anything. They simply love arts and play anything with a sense of artistry. The colours that match this personality are the colourful red, yellow, purple with white combination.
  3. The Gamer, the playful and the energetic kids. These are experts in doing things that interest them, often love thinking fresh ideas and actions. Orange, blue and grey are some of the colour combinations to use for this kind of personality, to keep them energised all the time.
  4. The Dreamer, these are children who love imagining things, they believe in an imaginary world, loved fairy tales so much. You may use pastel colours and paint a rainbow on their walls, to make them feel comfortable, calm in fairytale land.
  5. The Colourful Spectrums, are used for special children with some attention problems like ADHD or very active and need special care. Amazingly, colours can also help them to make them calm and lessen their stress. Peaceful colours like blue, green and pink can be used in creating a special place for them.

You may always include your kid’s suggestions to incorporate with the painting design you and the house painting contractor conceptualizing, for best results.

Choosing appropriate theme

For your kid’s playroom, it is easier to conceptualize a paint design by choosing a theme appropriate to your child’s preferences. If she likes to role play as a princess, maybe a fairytale theme is best to choose, or if he loves robots, just paint the walls with a Transformers theme. That’s definitely an enjoyable playtime!

Make it educational but fun

While having fun, let’s also create a nice place for learning, make the kid’s playroom educational. How? By simply getting a paintbrush touch your walls and create some actual maps as design or a favourite book of your child. This always reminds him/her to study and learn important things while enjoying.

To help you create a fun and safe space for your kids to play and learn,
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