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Paint your House According to your Personality

Paint your House According to your Personality

Paint your House According to your Personality

When planning a repaint of your house, it is important to have ideas on what colours you want to use. And as homeowners, you prefer your favourite colours and designs are used and somehow you want the paint colours of your house to reflect your personality.

Before deciding on what colour/s for the repaint project, let me share with you some important details on the Colour Psychology in house painting. This is to guide you if your chosen colours match your personality.      

The Colour Psychology

  • It was believed and studied that emotions and moods can be affected by what people see, and colours play an important role in the psychological effects on people
  • Each colour has a meaning and conveys a message/s that a homeowner wants to perceive by his/her guests. Conceptualizing the paint colours and designs can be easy if you know what you like as a person and what others want to perceive you.
  • Colours also set the tone of your rooms in your home, and there are some colours that create some responses as well.
  • Warm and bright colours can produce some feelings of aggressiveness. On the other hand, cool colors convey calmness and sometimes depression to some.
  • When you want something that may comfort you, your room should have painted with a shade of blue since colour blue has calming power, or it could also be in a shade of green, for relaxing and energizing feels.
  • When you are the type of person who creates many things and loves easily, a shade of purple is best for your walls. This shade, also convey luxury and royalty.
  • Red is for people who are passionate, energetic and courageous. So try the different shades of red for the study room or recreation room.
  • And if you want to increase your appetite, try a bit of orange colour in your kitchen. This is to stimulate your family members’ appetite while getting along easily with everyone. As orange is for friendly people and brings vibrancy and enthusiasm.
  • For stylish people, a shade of silver is the best to choose. Some also believe that silver represents prosperity. The reason why rich people prefer the shades of silver in their equipment or domestic devices at home.
  • Many colours fit each personality. Paints can make the rooms and houses beautiful, presentable and at the same time, may reflect the people’s likes, dislikes, attitude and personality.
  • But to be able to achieve the quality results you are expecting with your house painting project, you need also to consider dealing with only the best and top house painting contractors in Sydney, it’s Dupaint Pty Ltd.!

Dupaint is the #1 trusted painting company in Sydney, whether interior or exterior, of residential or commercial premises. Whatever painting projects you might haveDupaint painters can assist you. Dupaint painters are specialised painters offering a wide range of painting services in Sydney. Dupaint painters can perform excellent and modern artistic finishes such as lime washes, rag rolling, marbling, suede and metallic effects.    

Dupaint painters are committed to superior quality and result in all painting projects. They are experienced painters in Sydney, members of Master Painters of Australia (MPA). They are certified painters for Dulux and Taubmans. 

Dupaint creates visually-inspired living spaces designed to stand the test of time. With a philosophy of “Creative Partnership”, clients are also part of the designing and conceptualizing process and ensuring that they enjoy the experience from concept to completion.

Dupaint painters guide the clients on the painting job to undertake from the start, in initial consultation up to the finishing touches. They will also provide you with recommendations to best suit your space when you need them.

Get the best painters to help you achieve the quality results you expect, just dial 1300 433 986 to consult with Dupaint for Free and book your house painting project!

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